Robe Deutschland is Launched

Robe has announced a new wholly-owned subsidiary Robe Deutschland GmbH which will be based in Munich and have a regional sales force covering the entire country.
The new company hits the ground running in this key European market with an exceptionally strong, experienced and well connected ‘dream-team’ on-board.

It will be headed by Dieter Gross, MD for Sales & Marketing and Martin Lönner, MD for Operations & Finances, a dual management framework that has worked so well in other Robe subsidiaries including Robe France and Robe North America.

Stephanie Walloner is Deputy Sales & Marketing Director and Sales Managers include Olaf Nehrenheim who will be on the road in north Germany and Martin Opitz who will be covering east Germany and Berlin.
Robe Sales Director Harry von den Stemmen explaied that Robe Deutschland architecture has been strategically moulded and the personnel carefully hand-picked to drive the continuation and further optimisation of Robe’s success in the region.

“As we all know, getting good people and the right people is absolutely essential to maintaining relationships and building new ones. There has been intense interest from people wanting to join, and we are very fortunate to start with an incredibly well-respected and liked management team who are both outward looking and united.”

He added that the recruitment will continue during the first months of Robe Deutschland GmbH‘s operation and as its business takes shape.

While sales in Germany have been healthy in recent years, they are committed to extending Robe’s very personal service and standards of excellence in customer support for which the brand is synonymous.”
Robe wants to get closer to customers and end-users, not just physically, but to more fully understand the detailed requirements of their business and continue its path of innovation and providing the solutions and strategies they most need to grow, as well as bringing a wider range of products to the market.

In Germany, Robe is popular in the worlds of rental, live production and automotive events. Robe Deutschland will grow these alongside developing markets like television, theatre and architectural. “There is a massive potential” said Harry. “Especially with the current and planned products, and we believe the best way to capitalise on this is to have the strength and stability of a full Robe operation in place.”

Robe CEO Josef Valchar commented: “This is a very exciting phase in Robe’s development and we welcome our new colleagues in Germany to the Robe Family. We are all looking forward to working alongside them and sharing ideas, energy and success.”