Robe Announces New Colombian Distributor

Czech moving light manufacturer Robe has announced AV Com as its new Colombian distributor.

Based in Bogota the vibrant capital of Colombia, AV Com is well known in the world of professional broadcasting, video and installations, and “ideally placed to move Robe forward in this key Latam country,” said Guillermo Traverso, Robe’s Regional Sales Manager for Latin America who was delighted to share the news.

AV Com was founded in 1999 and is headed by Camilo Aranguren who has been in the show and entertainment industry all his working life since the age of 19.

AV Com has a fantastic reputation as a top-level supplier to leading rental companies and installation projects, and will bring all the benefits of a massive contact base, great customer relations, local integration and superlative technical support to Robe in the country.

They already have several premium audio and video brands in their portfolio, including L-Acoustics, Avid, Sennheiser, Focal, Grass Valley, etc. and had been looking for some time for the right moving light brand to add.

“I have been watching Robe with interest for around the last four years,” revealed Camilo. “I think the products are a perfect fit for our entertainment lighting division and for our customers in the various sectors.”

He thinks that Robe’s current product range will be ideal for the rental and staging, theatre and corporate event markets plus others.

There is intense competition in Colombia from cheaper Asian products, but Camilo is confident that the time is right and the market robust enough for the success of a quality product with an excellent reputation.

“Robe’s luminaires are all extremely well designed, engineered and built to last – you get what you pay for and these are the best! We look forward to growing and maintaining Robe’s market in Colombia,” he continued.

He added that as a young brand, he really appreciates the enthusiasm and zeal of Robe, and the fact that it is independently owned and controlled will make decision-making and ongoing commercial operations flexible and straightforward.

Camilo particularly thinks that the BMFL range and Pointes will be perfect for concerts and theatres, while some of the smaller lights like LEDBeam, LEDWashes and the new Spikies are just right for a range of small-to-medium corporate shows which are increasingly demanding higher production values.

“I really respect Robe’s quest for quality and integrity and we look forward to many years of successful business,” he concluded.