Rio Carioca Arenas Loud and Clear with Community

Community loudspeakers have been installed in the three adjoining Carioca Arenas, which were newly built for the international events in Rio de Janeiro, and located in the heart of the Barra Olympic Park.

The main contractor, Honeywell do Brasil, appointed Soundvision Engenharia de Audio e Video to provide the AV for all three Carioca Arenas. Community’s R SERIES loudspeakers were chosen on their track record of proven reliability, high output, high intelligibility and accurate coverage. A combination of R.5MAX models were used to provide the dispersion patterns required for even coverage of the 360-degree seating areas. In each of the arenas the loudspeakers are driven by Crown DCi amplifiers with BSS BLU-800 processors providing system DSP.

Carioca Arena 1 has a seating capacity of 16,000 and spans more than 38,000 square meters, while Carioca Arena 2 and Arena 3 have a capacity of 10,000 each. A total of ninety-six R.5MAX loudspeakers have been installed in all three multipurpose venues.

After hosting basketball, wrestling and judo events, Carioca Arena 1 and Arena 2 will become part of a permanent athletic training centre with facilities for a variety of sporting disciplines. Carioca Arena 3 hosted taekwondo and fencing competitions, and will now transform into a specialist sports school for 850 full-time students.

Antonio Tadeu Torquato, Director Comercial of Soundvisio commented about the Community installation: “We have substantial experience with R SERIES, which we installed for three of the 2014 FIFA World Cup stadiums in Brazil. Community also has a strong track record with world-class arenas and stadiums and the Carioca Arenas project has again proven R SERIES’ excellent quality and reliability in professional sports venues.”