Riedel Artist and Acrobat Intercom Systems Enable Seamless Communications

As Australian telecommunications and media giant Telstra shows the latest customer-oriented technologies at the Telstra Experience Centre in Sydney, the TEC production team depends on Riedel Communications to help ensure a smooth production for both live presentations and event broadcasts. Two Riedel Artist digital intercom matrices and an Acrobat digital wireless intercom system together support flexible and seamless communications across the TEC’s 300-seat theatre and Telstra’s new broadcast studio. 

The TEC combines advanced telecommunication networks with the latest products and services to show how technology can help businesses improve productivity and better connect with customers and employees around the country or across the world. Within the facility’s theatre, one Artist digital matrix intercom system facilitates production team communications during presentations from Telstra partners and during Telstra’s internal staff and shareholder events. The theatre’s Artist matrix is linked via fiber to a second Artist matrix installed in the broadcast studio, which is managed by Telstra’s broadcasting subsidiary, Chief Entertainment.

This deployment of Riedel gear at Telstra facilities creates a unified communications matrix that enables crew from the theatre and the studio to speak directly to one other. With clear, continuous communications, staff in either the studio or the theater can direct and call events and broadcasts. The Riedel Acrobat system provides wireless coverage to both the studio and the theater so that production staff and crew can work across both venues simultaneously.

“Telstra has created its TEC as a venue in which partners – industry leaders in the telecommunications and media industries – can display their latest Internet technologies,” said Cameron O’Neill, Director, Asia Pacific at Riedel. “It is essential that the equipment supporting the facility provides the high performance necessary to present these technologies to their best advantage, and our Artist and Acrobat systems are engineered to do just that.”