Rich Rowley Appointed as CODA Audio UK Managing Director

CODA Audio is delighted to announce the appointment of Rich Rowley to the position of Managing Director of the newly created CODA Audio UK Ltd.A vastly experienced industry professional, Rich brings a wealth of technical and commercial expertise to the role, having enjoyed a 30-year career that has endowed him with a comprehensive understanding of the sector. Beginning asanengineer to legendary producer Trevor Horn, Rich’s journey progressed through assisting in the design of game-changing products such as BSS Audio’s Omnidrive, Varicurve and Soundweb platforms, toan impressive list of sound design credits in EDM, Theatre, Touring and Festivals. These creative credentials are supported by a commercial background involving the development and implementation of distribution channels and strategies for Pro-Audio manufacturers across EMEA, product lifecycle management in loudspeaker manufacture and heading up project management teams offering collaborative solutions to the rental sector.

CODA Audio UK Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CODA Audio Group and Rich’s task willbeto build a team that can connect UK customers with the clear advantages of CODA’s groundbreaking technologies and further embed the brand as the leader of the next generation of professional sound system manufacturers. Rich has spent the last 10 years establishing a deep knowledge of the rental sector across multiple markets and disciplines but the chance tore-engage with pure audio at the highest level proved irresistible:

“The opportunity to take the reins in the UKof a brand that is truly moving the game forward was too good to miss. I had heard much about CODA’s reputation but hearing the systems and then speaking to people who were so clearly passionate about what they have created, completely sold me. Overall advancement in loudspeaker technology has been slow in recent years but CODA has bucked this trend and sets a new benchmark. For someone with my creative and commercial background this is a very exciting prospect. I believe I’ve joined a world class team that is actually defining the future of professional audio.”

Paul Ward, Sales and Marketing Director at CODA Audio is equally enthusiastic:

“The recent establishment of CODA Audio USA and CODA Audio Deutschland has seen us bring on board some formidable talent and Rich without doubt fits that bill in the UK. His track record inthe industry speaks for itself – as a sound designer he’s worked on projects such as Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage and Fabric nightclub, so his grasp of the technology is indisputable. Rich’s ability tobuild strong business relationships throughout his career has been the backbone of his extensive commercial success and we’re very pleased to have such a trusted and skilled practitioner leading ourUK operation.”