Renkus-Heinz Appoints Michal Poplawski as European Technical Sales Manager

Renkus-Heinz has announced the appointment of Michal Poplawski to the position of Technical Sales Manager, Europe.

Michal joins Renkus-Heinz after serving as Head of Support for TW AUDiO in Germany, where he oversaw loudspeaker system design, system commissioning, product training, customer/consultant liaisons, technical documentation and more. With extensive expertise in Renkus-Heinz products and technology, Michal previously worked as product manager for Polish Renkus-Heinz distributors M. Ostrowski. He holds a diploma in Audio Engineering from Wroclaw University of Technology.

In his new position, Michal will provide support and technical assistance to Renkus-Heinz customers across the European continent, taking over for Håkan Sjoo, who will now cover India and Africa.

“Michal brings a wealth of experience and understanding of professional audio, as well as deep expertise in Renkus-Heinz products,” remarked Karl Brunvoll, Renkus-Heinz VP International Sales. “It is a pleasure to welcome him to Renkus-Heinz. We are confident our European customers will be in good hands.”