Renkon Saigon Finds a Fit with Fulcrum Acoustic

Like its bustling District 1 neighbourhood, Renkon Saigon is a fascinating fusion of old-world charm and fast-lane modernity. A modern take on the traditional Japanese izakaya, Renkon Saigon is a perfect casual place to unwind after work with friends while sharing drinks and spicy chicken grilled on skewers. Saigon-based AV integrator DesignLive Technologies specified Fulcrum Acoustic’s compact coaxial loudspeakers and direct-radiating subwoofers to provide a high-end auditory experience befitting the venue’s target clientele.

Renkon Saigon required powerful, well-behaved loudspeakers capable of distributing high-fidelity sound uniformly throughout the acoustically challenging 2,100 sq ft two-floor venue. They also required a compact, visually unobtrusive sound system that would fit within the client’s strict budgetary parameters.

“We took extra care in designing around Renkon’s centrepiece winding wood staircase which allows each floor to operate as a separate coverage area for private events,” explained DesignLive Technologies owner Phu Tran Pham. “A combination of six total Fulcrum CX896 and CX826 8-inch coaxial loudspeakers serve as fill systems. Their targeted 90° x 60° and 120° x 60° horns keep sound off the walls and staircase while providing consistent coverage throughout the venue. Low-frequency support for Renkon’s hip-hop heavy music mix comes from compact, high-output Fulcrum Sub115 15-inch subwoofers.”

The sound system discretely integrates with Renkon’s understated high-modern design aesthetic. The CX8s’ vertically trapezoidal shape enables mounting tight to ceilings to minimise visual impact. Custom colour-matched loudspeaker enclosures and acoustical treatment seamlessly blend in with Renkon’s elegant terrazzo base finishes.

“Our Renkon Saigon client and the interior designer were fantastic to work with as they truly understand how critical acoustics and aesthetics are for a successful hospitality venue,” enthused Phu Tran. “Renkon Saigon is quickly becoming a District 1 hotspot and they absolutely love their Fulcrum-based audio system that keeps them sounding and looking great.”