Real Music Expands Adamson Network in China

Adamson’s Chinese distributor Real Music launched a national education and demonstration program last Sumer to promote the new S-Series amongst the brightest up-and-coming show service providers in the nation. The results of this effort has now lead to the introduction of 12 new S-Series partners in the region.

David Dohrmann, Adamson’s Technical Director Asia Pacific, will head up in-depth training this month for these newest customers in Xi’an and Beijing, and he is excited for the next phase of the partnership with Real Music.

“The extensive after sales support and training facilities they offer to their client base is the natural progression of this campaign and will provide a solid foundation to further strengthen the Adamson brand in China,” he said. “It is a model we will continue to implement with our partners and their contacts across the globe.”

During product demonstrations in May in several Chinese cities, David showcased Adamson’s S-Series S10 line arrays supported by the newly introduced S119 compact subwoofers. He also went through a live demo of the accompanying Blueprint AV simulation suite software and reviewed available E-Rack solutions.

He says it was the help of Adamson’s Chinese partner that made the demonstrations a success. “I am highly impressed how Real Music’s S-Series campaign turned into substantial business,” David said of the tremendously successful promotional tour through Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Guangzhou in May. “The way it pairs technical education with hands-on product demo is a very effective way to promote our products.”

Richie Wang, owner of Real Music that also has subsidiaries in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, indicated that the buzz around Adamson products continues to grow in his country and said he has received rave reviews about the quality of the improved sound from venues where the S-Series recently was installed.

“The S10 is an extremely powerful and universal product,” Richie said. “The response we get from touring clients as well as club owners is very positive. Some of the leading EDM clubs in China are equipped with Adamson now and we get overwhelming feedback from prominent local producers and promoters.”