PROLIGHTS Products Pay Tribute to Italy

The spread of Covid-19 put the world on its knees, and Italy has been the first European Country to deal with the consequences of the global pandemic.

But even in the moment of the greatest struggling for our Nation, many initiatives have been put in place in order to give light to these very dark times.

PROLIGHTS products lit up the facade of the Enelpower plant in Cassano d’Adda and the Financial Police Academy, in Bergamo, providing two suggestive installations which reproduced the Italian flag colours. The installation has been set up by Airone Service.
Sergio Dellavite, Production Director for Airone Service who has overseen the work in person, said: “The installation at the ENEL power plant was commissioned by ENEL Green Power itself, who specifically requested an accurate, homogeneous and impactful illumination, which could above all be the subject of propaganda via social media and through the official channels of the company. To illuminate the building, we used 30 PROLIGHTS SunBlast 3000 FC placed on the ground 1,5 meters away from the wall, whose powerful output lit up a 180 x 20 meters facade.

As for the Financial Police Academy, the specific request was to recreate the colours of the Italian flag in a very elegant and institutional way. Being a facade composed mainly of big windows with wire mesh balconies, I decided to characterize the white columns with very narrow blades of light. For the success of this project, I installed 23 Arcled Zoom 7337 on the balconies. Both projects needed user-friendly products that could be used for a long period. It was essential to provide an excellent yield, and we wanted the customers to be independent in managing the switching on and off without the need for technical assistance. PROLIGHTS products have therefore proved to be perfect both in terms of colour rendering and ease of use. In these years of cooperation with Airone Service I have been able to appreciate the validity and effectiveness of PROLIGHTS solutions in every respect.

As Production Manager, I use these fixtures for small and large projects, because I am sure I can provide the customers exactly what they expect in terms of final result. And so far, every installation has proved to be a huge success”.