PRG Extends Brand in Germany and UK to include XL Video

Production Resource Group (PRG) announced it will extend its branding in Germany and the UK to integrate the brand of the recently acquired XL Video Group. The integrated companies will be known as PRG XL Video for a transition period while the operations are being merged.

PRG will continue to use its brand name in all other countries across Europe and North America. XL Video teams in those territories will be immediately transitioned into the PRG family.

“Part of our decision to acquire XL Video was the premier value of its brand in many of our markets,” said Jeremiah J. Harris, PRG’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

“We recognise that the XL Video name and logo are synonymous with outstanding quality, customer service, and technical expertise in some of our territories, equal to that of PRG – and so after careful consideration, we have decided to operate with integrated
branding for a transition period in those locations,” he continued.

Stephan Paridaen, PRG’s President and Chief Operating Officer said: “Our aim when joining the two companies was to create a strong foundation for continued growth.

“We believe integrated branding in Germany and the United Kingdom is a terrific introduction of our combined capabilities to our customers and markets.”