PreSonus Updates Dripping Springs UMC

Dripping Springs United Methodist Church (UMC) upgrades its sound reinforcement system with loudspeakers drawn from the WorxAudio catalog of PreSonus Audio Electronics of Baton Rouge, LA.

With offices in both Dallas and Fort Worth, TX, ChurchPlant is an AV design firm with a focus on both permanent and portable AV solutions for the worship market. Derrick Jeror, ChurchPlant’s owner and founder, was contracted to design and deploy Dripping Springs UMC’s new sound system. Derrick specified a sound system consisting of the PreSonus WorxAudio X3i-P Active all-in-one compact line array, coupled with the WorxAudio X118i-P powered subwoofer.

Derrick explained: “Music assumes an active role in their services and includes a full praise band. This style of worship is one of the big draws of the church. Their sanctuary measures roughly 60 ft wide by about 75 ft deep. While the ceiling height is varied throughout room, it averages about 18 ft. The stage area faces into the length of the room. With music assuming such a vital role in their services, it was crucial that the new sound system delivered both a high level of speech intelligibility and excellent music reproduction qualities – and this is precisely what made the PreSonus WorxAudio system so well-suited to this space.”

The PreSonus WorxAudio X3i-P Active line array and the X118i-P powered subwoofer were flown in a single cluster above the front edge of the stage area. “This space required the subwoofer be flown because there was no space on stage or nearby at ground level,” Derrick added.

“There is also a large stained-glass window in the shape of a cross; center-positioned at the rear wall. Church management wanted to make certain that the loudspeakers did not block the view of this window. For this reason, we needed the array and the sub bass enclosure to be very compact in size so as not to hang down too far and interfere with the aesthetics of the stage area. The compact form factor of the WorxAudio line array and subwoofer made them an ideal choice for this project.”

When asked about the sonic attributes of the WorxAudio equipment that made these loudspeakers the right choice for this installation, Derrick stated: “The WorxAudio X3i-P delivers an unusually wide horizontal dispersion pattern of 160 degrees. This is quite unusual for any line array system and it is a key factor that enabled us to deploy a single enclosure in the centre of the room. With its dispersion characteristics, this single line array delivers clear, consistent sound quality throughout the sanctuary. Being able to use a single array unit that covered the room front to back and side to side is a tremendous benefit. With its built-in amplification and the system design support provided by the PreSonus Commercial Audio Division, the entire package is unmatched.”