Danley Nano Speakers Power Christ Center Church

Pentecostal Christ Center Church serves the mid-size town of West Columbia, South Carolina. After years of putting up with an old sound reinforcement system, Gattis Pro Audio installs Danley Sound Labs SM100B and Nano point-source loudspeakers in the centre.

“Christ Center Church had been using the same gear for a long time,” explained Sid Gattis, owner of Gattis Pro Audio. “It functioned, sure, but it lacked low end and the coverage patterns of the old loudspeakers blew straight into the drywall that encloses the place. They had a revival coming up in September, and they wanted to up their game with better speech coverage, greater fidelity, and the kind of musical impact that you can really feel. We’ve had a lot of recent success with Danley Sound Labs loudspeakers and subs, and I knew that their sound quality and pattern control would do a lot for the church, especially given its acoustics.”

Despite its drywall perimeter, the sanctuary has a lovely wood ceiling, and the church officials wanted the colour of the new loudspeakers to match the ceiling. Gattis took advantage of Danley Sound Lab’s custom-painting programme: contractors can select a Sherwin-Williams paint number and Danley Sound Labs will deliver boxes with that custom paint colour. “It keeps us from having to stain or paint boxes, which is a huge pain,” Sid said. “It’s super affordable, much less than it would cost us to do it, and the results are a lot better than we’d be able to deliver. Christ Center Church chose ‘Kenyan Kopper,’ and it looks great!”

A stereo pair of Danley Sound Labs SM100B loudspeakers cover all of the seats in the sanctuary from their mounts above either side of the stage. “They have wider horizontal coverage than they did before and tighter vertical coverage,” Sid said. “Unlike most Danley Synergy Horn boxes, the SM100B is wrapped in a Tapped Horn subwoofer. It has four 8-inch drivers, which always causes anyone who knows anything about audio to ask, ‘really? eight-inch drivers?’ To which I respond, ‘hey… just listen to it! The bass is phenomenal – fast, articulate, tight, and punchy.’”

Three Danley Nano boxes provide fill for the choir. “The Danley Nano is one of the most revolutionary boxes I’ve seen in a long time,” Sid said. “It’s tiny so it hides well. And in this context, we really don’t want a ton of low end, but we do want a lot of intelligibility.” A BSS Soundweb London DSP provides input and loudspeaker conditioning, and Yamaha amplifiers power the system.