PreSonus Joins Avnu Alliance

PreSonus Audio Electronics announces it has joined the Avnu Alliance.

The Avnu Alliance is the leading community among the AV industry for creating an interoperable ecosystem servicing the precise timing and low latency requirements of diverse applications using open standards through certification.

Milan is a user-driven protocol for professional media that guarantees interoperability amongst devices, created by leading manufacturers developing the requirements and protocols for AVB (Audio Video Bridging) in our industry.

By joining the Avnu Alliance and supporting Milan, PreSonus affirms its commitment to addressing the specific needs of the Pro AV community with products that ensure interoperability with those of other member equipment manufacturers.

With the goal of ensuring interoperability within a wide ecosystem of AV products from a leading group of companies, Milan is built on top of IEEE Audio Video Bridging (AVB) open standards such as time synchronisation and guaranteed quality of service, as well as risk-free coexistence of control and media data on one network.

As a member of the Avnu Alliance with intent to implement Milan, AV system designers and integrators are assured that PreSonus products will seamlessly operate with Milan devices from other brands.

Jim Odom, President of PreSonus Audio Electronics, offered the following comments regarding the company’s commitment to Avnu and Milan, “By joining the Milan initiative, PreSonus demonstrates its full support and we look forward to working with Avnu partner companies and Milan leaders d&b, L-Acoustics, Meyer Sound, Avid, AudioScience, Luminex, and Biamp to continue driving the future of AV networking using AVB technology.

“The goal of this organisation is to eliminate the guesswork about whether a particular product will function as part of a larger AV system. The commitment to the standards all members now adhere to will ensure the highest levels of functionality for creating the most advanced and sophisticated AV systems.”

“We are excited to have a major leader in our industry like PreSonus join the cause. PreSonus joined to support the work we are doing with Milan to deliver fool-proof interoperability of deterministic networked Pro AV devices,” said John McMahon, Avnu Alliance Pro AV Segment Chair. “Member support from companies like PreSonus will help drive forward the Milan mission to change the way the industry does networked AV.”