PR Lighting Back to Running at Full Capacity

Chinese industry is now back to work following the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, and Guangzhou-based PR Lighting marked the start of a new month by putting out a statement reassuring their global reseller and customer base that it is once again business as usual.

China was the first country to register the outbreak of the Coronavirus and while production remained temporarily idle throughout the country during lockdown, PR Lighting used the first quarter of the new year not only to fine-tune new products already under development but to make some strategic changes to their global sales infrastructure.

“PR Lighting is back running 100% as normal,” confirmed company president, Dave Liang. “Our technical and marketing departments are fully operational, and production and shipment are back on schedule. We would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding during these unprecedented times.”

Moving forward, PR Lighting’s Senior Sales Managers, Lawrence Mao and Bruce Tian, stated: “Although the pandemic in China is now well under control we are aware that much of the globe is presently trapped in crisis. We want to reassure customers that we are here, ready to support them in whatever way we can with their needs. Meanwhile, we are grateful to our international network of distributors and dealers for marketing the products in their local territories.”

The two men emphasised that PR Lighting holds plenty of inventory of all popular items. “These are available for shipment, subject to the current transportation situation, with production now back working at full capacity.”

To back up this statement PR Lighting has made a dynamic response, starting the new month by confirming the release of its new AQUA LED 1700 Framing fixture.