Powersoft Announces Webinar for D-Tools System Integrator Software

Powersoft has announced webinars for D-Tools System Integrator (SI), to provide system integrators with guidance on using Powersoft’s complete product library through the D-Tools software.

D-Tools System Integrator is a comprehensive software solution for AV system integrators that improves operating efficiencies by streamlining the entire project workflow – all through a data-driven process that leverages an extensive, integrated product library which now includes Powersoft’s extensive product range.

Powersoft’s partnership with D-Tools provides D-Tools software users with Powersoft’s detailed specification, along with dealer-specific pricing, which minimises time users spend on building catalogues or AV proposals. The software benefits users further by managing budgets and sales, improving opportunities, accurately tracking revenue and expenses, and, due to all of this, increasing profitability.

In the webinar, Powersoft will teach users how to work with Powersoft’s products within D-Tools’ software. AV system integrators will learn how they can generate bid-winning proposals, and how to use System Design tools to create detailed, engineered drawings, clearly documenting system designs, while also providing affective communication with stakeholders. The software also allows for workflow optimization, with scheduling, item tracking and in-the-field management and servicing.

Learn more about D-Tools System Integrator in Powersoft’s upcoming live webinars on the 21st and 22nd of January 2021 at the following times:

Thursday, 21st January: (EMEA) 3pm CET:

Friday, 22nd January: (APAC – pre-recorded) 3pm SGT (Singapore) time:

Back in June 2020, the Italian manufacturer announced that its full line of cutting-edge amplifiers would be made available for specification within the popular D-Tools software for AV systems integrators, including dealer-specific pricing. Powersoft dealers can now begin register for a free trial of D-Tools System Integrator by visiting https://d-tools.com/hosted-free-trial-signup/.

Powersoft’s global BDM – Fixed Install – and application engineering manager, Marc Kocks, commented: “D-Tools is an invaluable software that, combined with the Powersoft’s ecosystem, will undoubtedly support system integrators throughout their businesses. This webinar will introduce attendees to the capabilities of this software and show them how they can make the most of our full line of innovative amplifiers.”