Portman Lights hit New Foreign Markets

The holiday period for most rental and production companies is dictated by a very intense festival and concert life. At the time of reduced purchases from producers, the Polish brand Portman Lights is expanding its markets.

The company started the holiday from a high level by signing a distribution contract with the German lighting giant Lightpower. Established in 1978, the German company associated with MA Lighting is a very well-known distributor of professional stage lighting equipment in the industry, including Ayrton, ClayPaky, Martin by HARMAN and Robert Juliat. Involving the Portman Lights, Lightpower has testified to the professionalism of the Polish brand and the unique design of the products.

Portman Lights pushed forward and a month later, signed two more contracts, followed by the first significant orders. First was Shanghai Shikai Lighting fixture Co – the new distributor of Portman Lights in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Established in 2005, the Chinese brand provides brands like ClayPaky and Martin on the local market.

The other direction is Canada – Portman Lights has signed a contract to distribute its products together with Theatrixx Technologies, a distributor of, among others, Ayrton, High End Systems and JB Lighting.

So far products of the Portman Lights are available in 39 countries through the range of 27 distributors. Portman Lights is a company that specialises in designing and manufacturing decorative stage lighting fixtures. Their extraordinary high-end products with a characteristic design built on a honeycomb shape are well known around the world.