Plonsk’s City Cultural Centre Chooses Dynacord

The City Cultural Centre in Plonsk, Poland, has updated its sound reinforcement system with Dynacord equipment. BGR BAU installed a Dynacord Cobra-4 compact line-array loudspeaker system with VariLine fills, LX and DSA power amplifiers and a P64 controller to ensure crystal-clear sound in the new multi-purpose auditorium. Additional Dynacord products were specified for other spaces in the centre.

The City Cultural Centre’s sound reinforcement is divided into five independent sound distribution zones. The largest of these is a 300-seat auditorium, which is also utilised as a cinema. “Multifunctional rooms create numerous challenges,” said Krzysztof Goslinski, Construction Manager at BGR. “They require a combination of high intelligibility, homogenous sound and powerful coverage.” Additionally, the customer wanted to integrate the old into the new sound reinforcement system and planned to use the auditorium’s system in different locations. “The biggest challenge was to create an easy-to-use system that would sound great, regardless of the application,” added Kryzysztof.

A highly versatile sound reinforcement system was therefore required. The ideal set-up proved to be a main system consisting of six Dynacord Cobra-4-Far, four Cobra-4-Top and three SUB 28 subwoofers. Two Dynacord VariLine VL 262 speakers serve as front fills while five VL62 speakers are installed as delay lines. Eight Dynacord CXM 15 monitors provide sound reinforcement on stage. “The Cobra-4 system is incredibly versatile and provides great sound, no matter what kind of event takes place,” said Piotr Wosiek, the head of Tommex’s Olsztyn office, the company responsible for delivery and startup of the sound system.

All loudspeakers and monitors inside the auditorium are powered by a combination of Dynacord LX and DSA series amplifiers with remote control modules. For signal control, the centre relies on two Dynacord DSP 600 digital sound system processors, a P 64 digital audio matrix manager and IRIS-Net software. “With the IRIS-Net software it was possible to connect all devices in one intuitive system and supervise and control the system from a single, customised graphic user interface,” explained Piotr.