PK Sound Reveals Reimagined Brand and Website

PK Sound has launched its newly redesigned website at The new site showcases the company’s official rebranding, including a refreshed logo and vision statement, along with its expanded core system offering. Both the reimagined brand and website premiered with a well-received global livestream on 15 November 2021.

“When the pandemic hit, we had two choices: to sit on our hands and hope to wait out the storm, or to face it head-on by buckling down, investing in ourselves, and pushing through to the other side,” commented PK Sound CEO, Jeremy Bridge. “I truly believe it’s times like these that define companies. You invest in your company, in your people, and in your future, and I couldn’t be prouder of what our team has accomplished.”

In early 2020, PK Sound began to significantly expand its Engineering, Operations, and Brand teams; improve manufacturing operations; and develop new system infrastructure and software to augment the capabilities of its robotic loudspeakers. The results are an enhanced technological offering and more collaborative business model as represented by the reimagined brand and targeted towards the next generation of the live sound industry.

“I think the business model that PK has developed is really forward-thinking,” begins Hyacinth Belcher, President of PK Alliance partner Onstage Systems in Dallas, TX. “I believe this is the wave of the future – not only the product offering, but the way in which they’re approaching the industry with their partners. It’s something I wholeheartedly believe in and feel is the right move forward for many of us, and PK is the first company to do it.”

New products and solutions presented during the livestream include the PK Cell touring rack, which standardises power and signal distribution on a future-ready AVB backbone, and PK .dynamics, which combines every aspect of the modern live sound workflow in a single software platform. A beta version of the software is expected in early 2022.

Additionally, the company’s core touring modules – including the Trinity Black and T10 robotic line source elements – have transitioned to an all-black aesthetic with the updated, tech-forward logo.

“PK stands for ‘Polar Kinetic’ – the radial directivity of a loudspeaker resulting from motion. Our business model and product road map embody that ethos and will clearly reflect what we believe to be the next generation of users,” shared PK Sound Chief Strategy Officer, James Oliver. “We know that the next generation of live sound will look drastically different than the ones before it. As audiences grow more sophisticated, our entire industry needs to adapt to meet those heightened expectations – and as a technology-focused manufacturer, we need to lead that charge. We’re excited for this next phase of our growth as the robotic line array company.”