Elation Professional Previews Proteus Rayzor Edge and Blade Tilt FX Bars

Elation Professional has launched Proteus Rayzor Edge and Proteus Rayzor Blade – a striking visual combination of linear wash, high-intensity strobe line and SparkLED FX housed in a compact IP65 linear fixture design.

Envisioned to provide the designer unlimited creative control of powerful colours and high-powered strobe effects from a single unit, they allow unlimited placement in any outdoor and indoor environment, greatly enhancing their capabilities. Protected from dust and water ingress, they are part of Elation’s industry-leading Proteus range of outdoor luminaires, matching colours and SparkLED effects with the popular Proteus Rayzor 760.

Driven by six or 12 independently controlled 60W RGBW LEDs, Proteus Rayzor Edge and Blade provide a powerful beam that stands out on any stage. The oversized front lenses create a large visual surface on the fixture that is enhanced by the exclusive patent-pending SparkLED technology.

SparkLED consists of individual white LEDs strategically placed inside the lens itself to create a unique additional layer, allowing designers access to a new and innovative way of creating interest on stage. Proteus Rayzor fixtures offer this never-seen-before style of internal lens illumination for depth and visual impact. The patented SparkLEDs are controllable by the lighting console or driven by a multitude of internal FX patterns.

In addition to its powerful wash and SparkLED effects, the Proteus Rayzor Edge and Blade emphasise the RGBW lenses with two seamless high-intensity strobe lines with a total of up to 256 cool white strobe LED dots. Flanking the Rayzor lenses across the entire length of the fixture, these dual strobe arrays offer incredible visual effects with a multitude of integrated FX or precise pixel control from the lighting console.

These fixtures allow for impactful tilt sweep motions, which are visually striking across its large front surface, allowing them to position or move dynamically during a show. With a wide zoom range from 5 to 45 degrees, they provide intense and well-defined mid-air beams and light curtains up to 12,500 lumens, as well as an exceptionally wide and even wash coverage, making them the perfect tools for stage washes, mid-air effects or audience blinders, even in adverse outdoor conditions.

These two new members in the Proteus family once more showcase Elation’s leadership in IP65 luminaires. Their innovative design and carefully curated creative capabilities are a designer’s dream to create visual interest and powerful washes out of a single weatherproof fixture.