Pioneer PRO AUDIO Finishes Three Courses at The Jane

Pioneer PRO AUDIO completes third phase of turnkey installation at The Jane in Antwerp. Photo Rick Akkerman

Opened in 2014, Antwerp restaurant The Jane is the vision of leading chef Nick Bril. Bril engaged a team of acclaimed architects and designers to create his dream within the walls of what was once a rundown church, seeking to present his diners with a ‘total experience’. Since its creation, The Jane has become renowned for its Michelin-starred food and unique atmosphere, which is created in part by its sound system.

For the chef, music is key to the concept, and in two previous phases Pioneer PRO AUDIO had supplied systems that could deliver a comfortable level of sound in the restaurant, and an energetic pre-clubbing vibe in the mezzanine bar. Both areas were covered by full-range XY-81 loudspeakers with an additional XY 215S subwoofer in the bar.

When the company recently released its new CM ceiling speaker range, Bril took the opportunity to complete a full Pioneer PRO AUDIO system by deploying them, alongside further XY-Series speakers, across the venue’s kitchen, terrace, lobby, bathrooms and wine cellar. According to the Chef, he simply couldn’t say no…

The intention was to seamlessly integrate the new additions with the existing systems, to further enhance the synergy between the worlds of great food and music. The antiquity and unusual shape of the building would offer challenges, but the Pioneer PRO AUDIO team, along with The Jane’s local installation partner Discostore, were confident that Bril’s vision of “a waterfall of music” within the venue could be further enhanced.

The existing XY-81 loudspeakers deliver smooth SPL without any hotspots through the bar and dining areas, whilst the positioning of the XY215S subwoofer takes full advantage of the building’s unique acoustics to spread bass throughout the venue even at low volume. The new ceiling speakers and additional XY-81 units build seamlessly on this to deliver a high quality coherent sonic signature for the entire building.

10 x CM-C56T 6.5” ceiling speakers were deployed in the bathrooms, with a further 4 used for the terrace. These latest additions to the Pioneer PRO AUDIO portfolio draw on the heritage of the company’s dynamic club speakers to deliver outstanding audio quality, whilst complementing interior design and offering the possibility of turnkey solutions. As well as clear, smooth sound and uniform spatial coverage, the ceiling speakers feature a one-touch spring-loaded ceiling mounting tab which ensures safety and makes for simple installation.

The lobby and kitchen each benefit from a pair of XY-81, with a further pair of XY-81 complemented by an XY-115S subwoofer in the wine cellar. The system is driven by Powersoft K2 and K3 amplifiers with built-in DSP and Pioneer presets. The team used Armonía Pro Audio software, which gives the installers and management remote access to the amplifiers, day and night.

Nick Bril commented: “We’re able to shape the sound atmosphere and colour to create different day and night-time experiences – making it more clubby or more relaxing as we wish. We can influence how people are going to respond to the audio. The Jane is a chapel filled with vibes – it’s unique!”

In spite of the acoustic challenges presented by the topography of the building, such as its high ceilings, tiled floors and stained-glass windows, the installation proceeded smoothly.

Discostore tested and fine-tuned the completed system with no issues, much to Nick Bril’s satisfaction: “It’s really nice to see that, even in big space such as this, you can create an intense, musical experience without pushing the volume limits. It’s achieved by the quality and placement of the speakers, and it balances perfectly.

The new ceiling speakers and additional XY units in the smaller spaces perfectly complete the picture. We run the restaurant with a ‘full experience’ philosophy, and I think our guests enjoy experiencing quality sound and music without too much being thrown at them. The sound is an added element for the senses, helping people to really relax.”

Although Nick Bril now has his turnkey Pioneer PRO AUDIO system in place, he is already planning a further collaboration involving audio and video, where the ceiling speakers will be used in conjunction with projectors. He concludes:

“Pioneer PRO AUDIO is in my heart. From the personal service and connection to the pure sound experience, I can’t imagine using any other Audio brand for a full installation in my restaurant. You can actually feel the quality of the sound – it’s clear, it’s warm, and it wraps around you wherever you are in the building.”