Optimal Audio enhances WebApp with integration of Bluesound Professional streamers

Optimal Audio has released WebApp 1.1, featuring a BluOS Control API integration to control Bluesound Professional audio devices that feature built-in network-connected streaming and music management controls for use in commercial audio spaces.

Optimal Audio’s WebApp is the backbone of its ecosystem of controllers, amplifiers and loudspeakers providing a system integrator with the ability a to configure an entire system of multiples zones in a venue, while presenting the end user with an intuitive and simple interface to control the sound system.

With this latest release, WebApp and Zone firmware enable API controls for Bluesound Professional devices via BluOS from Optimal Audio Zone controllers. This simple and powerful solution supports playback from almost 20 streaming platforms and internet radio stations, including services specifically designed for commercial use.

The integration of Bluesound Professional streaming music devices such as the B100S and B400S provides a scalable solution for venues requiring up to four playback streams. Integrators and end-users can configure powerful routines within WebApp to automate streaming preset recall and volume control for a specified time, day, and zone, enabling venue staff to focus on their primary responsibilities.

The API integration also allows WebApp to play, pause or skip a track and displays song artwork for an improved end-user experience.

In addition to the seamless integration with Bluesound Professional streamers, the latest update to WebApp includes several useful new features. A Client Configuration Tool has been added to enhance security and simplify the operation of client connections such as mobiles or tablets. A global setting for ‘delay units’ in system settings and an auto Time Zone/DST adjustment have also been added.

Matt Rowe, Head of Engineering for Optimal Audio commented: “I’m thrilled to deliver WebApp 1.1 and introduce streaming capabilities into our commercial audio eco-system. I believe that being able to recall presets from Bluesound Professional devices combined with WebApp’s powerful routine functionality provides a versatile solution that will be welcomed by installers and venue owners.”

The Optimal Audio Open Days, scheduled for April 18th and 19th in High Wycombe, will feature WebApp 1.1 showcasing its ability to manage a well-known four-zone commercial audio deployment.

Register for open days here.