Opéra de Limoges Installs Pliant Technologies CrewCom Wireless System

Pilote Films, a distribution partner for Pliant Technologies’ solutions in France, recently worked with local integrator, Geste Scenique to deploy and install Pliant’s CrewCom wireless intercom system at Opéra de Limoges, a three-floor, 1,500 seat live theater venue. The reliability, ease of use and versatility of CrewCom provides optimal support for indoor and outdoor productions.

Pliant Technologies CrewCom wireless intercom system enables production crews of all sizes to quickly and easily deploy communications solutions to connect more people in more places. This approach to wireless intercoms is ideal for use in large-scale productions and can overcome tough RF environments, inconsistent coverage and limitations that users face with traditional intercom systems.

“The CrewCom 2.4GHz wireless intercom system is based on a Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) and offers many advantages, which is why we recommended this system for use at the opera,” said Bettina Hulsmeyer, director at Pilote Films. “It gives customers the ability to connect a large number of users, while allowing resources to be put where they are needed within the theatre for complete coverage. CrewCom has excellent voice quality and the most compact, lightweight, full-duplex Radio Packs on the market as well as many other important user features.”

Pilote Films recommended the CrewCom system to Christian Desaivres, manager at Geste Scenique and Samy Barillot, technical director, to meet the needs and requirements outlined by Opéra de Limoges. After an initial demonstration of the system, the Geste Scenique team was very impressed by the benefits CrewCom offered and agreed that it was the best option for the large venue.

For this installation, two Control Units along with nine 2.4GHz transceivers were installed throughout the opera house to provide coverage for the 20 Radio Pack users on the theater’s production crew. The deployment the CrewCom Radio Transceivers ensure coverage to meet the RF needs of the entire facility. Tasked with this large-scale production, CrewCom was the ideal solution for Opera de Limoges.

“We wanted to change our high-frequency communication system because the frequencies we used were no longer regulatory,” said Philippe Laurent, CTO at Opéra de Limoges. “We use many of CrewCom’s innovative features, including the ability to change profiles on each RP. The permanent staff has several job functions in the opera house, and they can quickly change the configuration accordingly. We also use an AUX output dedicated to an external sound source frequently to have the music of the orchestra playing in the headphones. We never know what event or concert is coming next and CrewCom’s versatility helps us cover a wide variety of productions.”