Oktoberfest Upgrades its Sound System with Dynacord

Oktoberfest powered by Dynacord

Schottenhamel, home to Oktoberfest’s legendary O’zapft is! opening, has upgraded its sound system with more loudspeakers ensuring intelligible audio everywhere. Having been a feature in the 9,000-capacity space for a decade, rental company Stereomike once again relied on Dynacord equipment. While a huge number of VariLine 122, D8 and CXM15 loudspeakers could be found across the venue, it was power and control where Dynacord proved its true value. Only four IPX10:8 amplifiers were needed to drive the various zones, delivering plenty of power and more than enough headroom. Control from DSP 600 and Electro-Voice N8000 units ensured that the tent’s owners were delighted with the solution on the White Stage.