NEXT-proaudio Sets New Standards for Quality Control

A new quality control program was implemented on the NEXT-proaudio´s factory last month. This new quality control philosophy implied great changes done on the factory, with the implementation of inspection and structured testing on each stage of entire production line, reducing the common fails on the final test at the end of the production line in more than 97%.

It starts with incoming materials and parts, which are subjected to thorough batteries of tests and evaluations to check the components before they are embedded in the product.
To monitor and control this new process, NEXT-proaudio has designed a custom software that “follows” each unit since the first stage of the production. The constant comparison with the standard, and an associated feedback loop confers a trustable error prevention for the future.

At the end of the line, each finished product passes through rigorous functionality, reliability and safety tests procedures. All mechanical and aesthetic details are rechecked (enclosure, paint, metal parts etc…) by a trained quality inspector. Automatic frequency response, polarity, Rubb & Buzz and distortion tests are performed through custom software scripts running on specialised quality control equipments. Finally, a conclusive listening test is performed by a skilled audio technician.

After being packed, and before closing the carton box, the quality inspection manager checks one last time for any damage on the carton box and confirming that all the labels and accessories are present.

If the product successfully passes all these meticulously designed testing and inspection procedures, it becomes a quality assured product and can thus be delivered to the customers.