NEXO’s ID84 crafts exclusivity for beach club

Nikki Beach St Tropez, an exclusive restaurant and beach club located on the beautiful Pampelonne beach in France, relied on COLORSONIC to update their sound system. Consequently, a NEXO ID84 system was specified and installed. 

Président and CEO of COLORSONIC Gérard Giraudon, alongisde the company’s Technical Director Christophe Orlando, proposed the system to Sound Designer and Acoustician Claudio Fabiani, after learning that the venue needed a highly controllable and directional setup, so as not to disturb nearby residential areas. Visual unobtrusiveness was also key in not distracting from the club’s luxury look.

A total of 18 of NEXO’s ID84 column speakers are discreetly positioned around the venue, with bass extension provided by four ELS400 1×12-inch subs, in a design that achieves excellent coverage of the club, without bleeding into the surrounding neighbourhood. An IP54 rating assures protection from the weather, albeit that conditions in the south of France are usually favourable. 

Supercharging the concept of the column loudspeaker, the ID84 uses eight 4-inch drivers and an array of dome tweeters on a curved baffle in a lightweight aluminium cabinet with a rigid steel spine. The choice of dome tweeters over a conventional HF compression driver results in particularly low levels of distortion and contributes to a ‘hi-fi’ performance that extends the ID84’s suitability well beyond the traditional column speaker role of voice reproduction into music applications.

The ID84 achieves a frequency range of 90Hz to 20kHz with a peak SPL of 136dB. The unique directivity switch on the rear panel enables instant switching of vertical HF dispersion, and cabinets can be linked ‘end-to-end’ to create longer columns. Multiple rigging options and a comprehensive range of accessories make it easy to deploy the ID84 in a wide range of fixed installations. 

Power and processing for the system at Nikki Beach come from NEXO’s DTD controller and DTDAMPs, providing a highly efficient solution along with straightforward control for operators. 

Speaking on behalf of COLORSONIC, Gérard Giraudon concluded: “The NEXO ID84 gave us the powerful sound required, along with the directivity control that ensures that Nikki Beach guests can party without disturbing local residents.”