By Sound Creative Technics chooses Outline

Left to right: Sarper Ulusel, Erkan Ulusel, and Fatih Siranli.

By Sound Creative Technics, provider of technical production and rental services throughout Turkey, made a substantial investment in Outline’s flagship loudspeaker system. The acquisition includes 24 GTO line-array elements, 24 DBS 18-2 subwoofers, 24 Mantas compact line-array enclosures, a Newton FPGA processor, and a complete, ready-racked power, rigging, accessory, and cabling solution.

Company Director and Partner, Sarper Ulusel, commented: Our first encounter with Outline’s products was with the GTO during a live concert setup, and what struck us initially was the flexibility of the Newton device; its intuitively-designed user interface allows such easy adjustments and system control. Following this, the performance of the GTO system itself left a lasting impression – the combination of high SPL, total lack of distortion and even coverage throughout the venue were remarkable.” 

“We saw the potential in Outline’s technology to bring something new to the Turkish market. Choosing Outline was more than just selecting a brand; it was about partnering with a company that shares our commitment to high-quality audio experiences. We believe this decision will help us set new standards in our market and provide our clients with exceptional audio solutions,” Ulusel continued.

As so many professional users around the world have already discovered, the Newton processor delivers exceptional flexibility in operation and handling multiple audio protocols simultaneously.  

Technical and Operational Director, Fatih Siranli, noted: “The low latency and high processing capacity of the Newton’s FPGA-based design are critical for our work, especially when it comes to synchronising with various measurement programs during sound system setup. Additionally, one of the most crucial aspects of Newton is its ability to work with different protocols. This is incredibly beneficial for a company like ours, which uses a variety of sound systems.” 

Further benefitting BCT, Outline’s GTO system’s unique horn structure ensures seamless transitions and perfect angles, both horizontally and vertically between stacked speakers, which is crucial for sound consistency and quality.

Just like any business when making a significant investment, BCT have thought long and hard about the likely return on their spend. Ulusel concluded: “We envision a strong return from our investment in Outline products and technologies, in terms of both technical capacity as seen from the market, and the increased efficiency of operating sound systems aimed at different applications from within the same ecosystem.”