NEXO Speakers Takes to Extreme Environment

The Sauna Theatre Thermen Soesterberg, has been equipped with NEXO  super-compact ID Series loudspeakers, dealing with temperatures of more than 150°F.

One of the host venues for the 2017 Aufguss world championship, the Sauna Theater of Soesterberg can accommodate 150 people.  The Aufguss (also called “gettata di vapore” – “Steam blow” in Italy ) is a wellness / purification / entertainment ritual which is performed in the sauna , either by an employee of the wellness-centre or by an authorized guest called aufgussmeister (Steam Master).

The rite revolves around the centre stove, where attendants pour water mixed with essential oils on the hot stones of the sauna stove. The water, containing particles of essential oil, vaporizes once in contact with the stones and spreads throughout the sauna. The Aufgussmeister directs the hot and scented steam towards the bathers, using the different rhythmical movements of a towel and sometimes accompanied by music background, creating an intense and enjoyable multi-sensory experience.

Sound contractor DSA from nearby Apeldoorn has taken 4x NEXO ID24 loudspeakers, and built them into the centre stove, well isolated with foam.  Under the audience benches are two ID S110 subbass cabinets.  There is a substantial video wall in the theatre, which has been augmented with two more ID24 point-source cabinets, and a centrally-mounted ID S210 double 10” sub.

Bert Koenders, from NEXO distributor Iemke Roos, explains the choice of the ID Series loudspeakers. “The ID24 is an injection-moulded cabinets, so the enclosure is insensitive to the heat and humidity of the Sauna Theater environment.  Like all NEXO cabinets, the two 4” drivers in each ID24 are treated with a weather-resistant coating, so these boxes are ideal for such a demanding environment.”

*Iemke Roos has since rebranded itself and is now known as Audio Technica Benelux.