NEXO Appoints New STM Series Engineering Support Specialist

NEXO has expanded its Engineering Support Division with the appointment of Bertrand Billon, who will assume special responsibility for the company’s top-of-the-range modular line array systems, in particular the STM Series.

After spending the first years of his engineering career working with tours and events as a PA technician and engineer for the well-known French production services company Dispatch, later known as Dushow, Billon joined the newly-created Stage Entertainment France as Head of Sound. He acquired a wide experience of managing crews and liaising with sound designers, dealing with rental inventory as well as permanent in-house equipment.

As well as specifying all of Stage Entertainment France’s audio equipment purchases, he also managed the technical and crewing aspects of the events staged in the company’s Mogador Theatre in Paris, numbering about 30 corporate events, tv shows and concerts per season.

“Coming to NEXO gives me the opportunity to focus once more on PA systems, which was my first occupation and passion,” said Bertrand. “I am excited to be doing this job on behalf of a manufacturer, which will raise my skill level and knowledge. A great support engineer should be a very good listener, reacting to customer requests and feedback, not only able to fix their problems, but able to avoid them in the first place, through proper training and communication.”