Newton inventory helps dBS Solutions progress

Left to right: Matt Fuller, James Lawford, Charlie Braddick, and Chris Bogg.

dBS Solutions’ Managing Director Chris Bogg spoke on the company’s 2023 purchase of a Newton unit from UK distributor CUK Audio.

The unit has been at the heart of numerous audio systems supplied by dBS, for example: Cory Wong, the Liverpool Gospel Music Festival and the Arrow Stage at Camper Calling in Warwickshire.

Bogg commented: “Using the Newton as the central controller, especially for larger distributed systems, has really made a difference to the way we work. Being able to handle multiple clocks and broadcast feeds, while also handling digital console switching just makes life that much easier. The SMAART integration is also a big plus in terms of system alignment and tuning, while the multiple failsafe options (given how much this unit does and how much we rely on it) give us the backup peace of mind we need.”

Bogg added: “We still use the manufacturer presets in the DSP-equipped amplifiers of course, but using our Newton for system alignment and its WFIR filters for overall EQ just brings it all together somehow. We choose our sound equipment because we think it sounds great, but using our Newton for overall system control has moved everything up a gear.”