Kinly unlocks efficiency and savings with Jetbuilt

Through Jetbuilt’s cloud-based platform for proposal generation and 360-degree project management, the sales team at Kinly entered a new era of operations.

Kinly can now better allocate resources and manage lead-in times, ultimately saving time and money whilst adapting quickly to client needs. This efficiency means that the team can focus on building customer relationships, rather than dealing with prospective quotes all day.

After a trial of the system, Mark Kempson, Head of Consulting at Kinly UK, commented: “Not only were proposals taking a fraction of the time to generate, but the efficiencies mainly achieved from utilising the inbuilt pricing, led to incredible workforce savings. Jetbuilt also significantly reduced the cost of creating quotes.”

The team at Kinly estimates that they have saved at least one person’s salary worth of manual pricing-related work. This newfound efficiency has instead allowed them to focus on projects they actually sell, rather than dealing with prospective quotes all day.

Since implementing Jetbuilt, Kinly has realised several significant benefits, aside from time and cost savings. “The fact that I can control the database of manufacturers and products we specify, and the possibility of forecasting incoming jobs improves our planning processes,” explained Kempson.

Moreover, Jetbuilt’s forecasting capabilities empower Kinly with valuable data they can provide to their engineering teams and manufacturers, streamlining procurement and enhancing supply chain management.

Another major value that Kinly has implemented is Jetbuilt’s latest innovation: Integrated Project Registration. “Product Registration is a very important feature for us, now, when we land a project we can automate the process of registering products with manufacturers; the sales support team loves it,” confirmed Kempson.

Concluding, Kempson called Jetbuilt a “game-changer”; a great solution that is accessible for all, even those who are not AV experts.