Muztorg.PRO Creates Multi-Faceted Looks at Loft With CHAUVET Professional

In the downtown area of Tajikistan’s capital, Dushanbe, a new venue is redefining standards of clubbing and evening entertainment. Loft is a “club,” if you can describe it as such, that combines a bar, restaurant, cafe and dancefloor over two stories. Russian installation specialist Muztorg.PRO has provided Loft with a light system that’s as versatile and exciting as its entertainment options with a package that features 16 Rogue R2 Spot, 16 Rogue R2 Wash and 8 ÉPIX Bar Tour fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

“To give the impression of separate areas within the large single venue space, it became quickly apparent that a creative visual solution was required,” commented Roman Kosinov, Project Manager at Muztorg.PRO. “In addition to a modern sound distribution and partitioning system, the Chauvet fixtures enabled us to create the illusion of separate visually portioned areas within the bar, restaurant and club.”

On the ground floor of the venue, which incorporates a large dancefloor, bar and main stage, a selection of 240W Rogue R2 Spot fixtures – positioned from ceiling truss — creates a dazzling array of fast-moving and colorful visuals for the club’s DJ and club nights. “With their fixed-slot, rotating gobo wheels and the 3-facet prism, the Rogue R2 Spots transform the main dancefloor area with their incredibly punchy looks,” said Kosinov.

Whilst the spots are generating dancefloor excitement, the Rogue R1 Washes that Kosinov hung on ceiling truss are adding a touch of elegance to the venue with their background washes.

“The R1 Wash fixtures have a small footprint, but their output and zoom range allow us to paint the entire dancefloor with beautiful saturated colours,” he said. “In this sense, the R1 Wash provides an excellent base upon which the R2 Spot fixtures can provide the necessary eye candy and punchy looks.”

Adding to the excitement on the dancefloor, are the pixel mapped ÉPIX Bar Tour LEDs mounted on two vertical truss strucures. The ÉPIX fixtures open a wide range of design options,” said Kosinov. “The club can use them to change the entire look of the dancefloor.”

Within the restaurant area in the upper tier of the venue – which looks down onto the main club — the R2 Spot and R1 Wash fixtures worked together to create an elegant, but relaxed dining atmosphere. Although both the Rogue R2 Spot and R1 Wash fixtures were limited with regards to the height from which they could be hung from the ceiling on the upper tier of the venue, they were nevertheless still able to achieve excellent colour mixing to ensure precise and even lighting ambience on and around the tables within the dining area.

“The soft and saturated illumination of the R1 Wash and bright accurate projections of the R2 Spot fixtures work together harmoniously within the restaurant area to ensure a comfortable dining ambiance,” commented Kosinov. “Most importantly, the versatility of the fixtures has enabled us to create a completely different atmosphere within what is effectively the same space.”