Multi-Zoned Audio for Rossington Hall Renovation

Q1 2016, Rossington Hall, a magnificent stately home located in Doncaster, nears the completion of a complete restoration project with local business Scratch Music & Installation designing and installing the audio and lighting systems.

“We used a Cloud Z8 Venue Zone Mixer at the heart of the audio system, connected to an eight-channel Cloud CXA-850 amplifier, as this allowed us complete flexibility enabling us to route different audio sources and volume levels into each of the zones, in this case The Dining Room, The Drawing Room, The Library and The Conservatory”, commented Scratch Music & Installation owner Alan Drabble. Strategically placed Cloud RSL-6 Source Selection and Volume Control Wall Plates were connected to the Cloud Z8 to allow staff in each zone to easily select the right audio source and volume levels required in each zone to reflect the ambience of the occasion and guests, without needing to return to the main system each time adjustments are required.

A localised source input plate in The Grand Staircase Entrance, routed to the Cloud Z8, allows audio from the grand piano, harp and visiting string ensembles to be fed into any of the desired zones. A separate Cloud CX-163 Zone mixer installed in The Ballroom allows visiting /presenters/ bands/ DJ’s to plug into the installed system for conferences, weddings and parties. In addition to the newly installed audio system Scratch Music & Installation installed a vibrant LED colour changing system in The Ballroom, providing additional ambience and scene setting abilities for events.

“Reliability, Flexibility and Usability were the key drivers to the audio system design implemented at Rossington Hall”, added Alan, “its important staff are able to operate the system easily, changing configuration readily as demands of the venue change during the course of normal working days, without needing to become audio experts to do so”.