mondo*dr EMEA & APAC Awards 2020 – The Winners

This year’s mondo*dr Awards EMEA & APAC was held in a slightly different setting. With the global pandemic affecting the entire population, stopping all large gatherings and closing many businesses worldwide, it became apparent very early on that the ceremony would have to take place digitally, with all of the content curated from the comfort of the mondo*dr team’s own homes.

There were some amazing projects entered across the nine categories this year, which included; Theatre, Bar & Restaurant, Concert Hall, House of Worship, Multipurpose Venue, Nightclub, Parks & Attractions, Stadium and Arena. The scope of the state-of-the-art installations that we received was incredible, showcasing the uniqueness and talent behind projects in venues that we are now missing more than anything.

mondo*dr 2020 EMEA & APAC Theatre Award –

Shortlisted: NTGent, Parktheatr Iserlohn & Teatr Muzyczny Roma

Winner: Sadler’s Wells – Riedel

Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London adopted Riedel’s Bolero wireless intercom to ensure reliable and flexible communications across the 10,000 sq metre building and the adjacent Lilian Baylis Studio. Located on London’s iconic Rosebery Avenue, the theatre is renowned as one of the world’s leading dance venues, staging contemporary dance and ballet performances in its 1,560-seat main auditorium. The theatre also has a unique link to Riedel’s home city of Wuppertal through an ongoing residency with the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, a partnership that spans more than 35 years. This project won for its stand-out technology that perfectly combines with stunning art and theatre performances inside the venue.

mondo*dr 2020 EMEA & APAC Bar & Restaurant Award

Shortlisted: Gaïa, Hala Koszyki, The Lock Tavern and The Gun

Winner: Imperial – Outboard Timax / FACE Projects

In the heart of Brussels, private members’ bar Impérial oozes with charm and the underground creativity of a turn of the last century speakeasy. The vintage atmosphere and jazzy vibe that draws guests in, however, integrates a full, leading edge, audiovisual solution with TiMax SoundHub and dcontrol central to the immersive environment, realised from concept by Belgium’s premier design and installation integrator, FACE Projects. This outstanding project won due to its mesmerising interior audiovisual technology that offers a stand-out dining experience.

mondo*dr 2020 EMEA & APAC Concert Hall Award –

Shortlisted: China National Center for the Performing Arts, Philharmonie Berlin, Royal Opera House

Winner: G Livelab – Genelec

In the wake of the unmitigated success that is G Livelab Helsinki, the Finnish Musicians’ Union opened a brand new – and bigger – venue in the vibrant city of Tampere, some 200km north of the Finnish capital. The same team was deployed to realise the Tampere project, which is built according to the same ‘music first’ philosophy as Helsinki. The project won as a result of the venue’s extraordinary live music experience based on quality programming, modern design, and state-of-the-art Genelec audio systems, including the ground-breaking 4430 Smart IP loudspeaker.

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Hienoja uutisia! 🥰 G Livelab Tampere voitti parhaan konserttisalin palkinnon kansainvälisessä Mondo*DR awards -kilpailussa. Palkinto jaettiin G Livelab Tampereelle sekä klubimme äänentoistosta vastaavalle Genelec Oy:lle. Palkinnot jaetaan vuosittain maailman parhaille viihdeteknologian ratkaisuille. Mondo*DR awardsin ehdokasesittelyn mukaan G Livelab Tampere tarjoaa ainutlaatuisen elävän musiikin kokemuksen korkealaatuisella ja joustavalla konserttiäänijärjestelmällään. Parhaan konserttisalin kategoriassa olivat finalisteina G Livelabin lisäksi myös Berliinin filharmonia, Lontoon Royal Opera House sekä China National Center for the Performing Arts. Great news! G Livelab Tampere was judged the winner in the Concert Hall category of Mondo*DR awards! Now in their fourth year, the Mondo*DR awards recognise and celebrate the best installation projects from around the globe. We share this incredible recognition with Muusikkojen liitto, Genelec, Akukon Oy, Casagrande Laboratory, Bright and everybody involved in the process! W. @genelec_oy @akukonltd @mondo_dr @brightfinland @casagrandelaboratory

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mondo*dr 2020 EMEA & APAC House of Worship Awards –

Shorlisted: Eglise Saint Denis Sainte Foy, St Joseph’s College Chapel, York Minster

Winner: Adiyogi Divya Darshanam, Isha Yoga Centre

Adiyogi Divya Darshanam, roughly translated ‘Adiyogi’s Divine Appearance’, is a 14-minute, 24-projector show that is mapped on the world’s largest bust sculpture, the 112ft tall Adiyogi. The sculpture, inaugurated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2017, has been attracting visitors from all over the world to its site at the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains in India. It symbolises spirituality and well-being, as well as the roots of yoga, reciting the story of Adigogi Shiva, the originator of yoga who first conveyed it to the human mind. The statue aims to inspire visitors to become more at one with the healing practice and liberate people from disease, discomfort and poverty, as well as challenge the concepts of life and death. This project won for its originality and uniqueness, bringing the spiritual sculpture to life like never before.

mondo*dr 2020 EMEA & APAC Multipurpose Venue Award –

Shortlisted: Experimenta Science Dome, Hribar Hall, Interactive Sound Lab

Winner: Paradise City

Paradise City, located in Incheon, is the largest entertainment complex in South Korea, combining high-end hospitality with entertainment facilities. C2 Artechnolozy (C2) was at the forefront of the design for the Paradise City phase 1-2 project, which includes Chroma, the largest nightclub in East Asia, encompassing three separate nightclubs, Wonderbox, an indoor amusement park, and boutique hotel, Art Paradiso. As well as these, the vast complex also features an Art Garden and the Paradise Walk areas. C2 was responsible for designing and supervising the audio, visual and lighting systems, as well as the design, development, and supervision of the EBGM system (Enhanced Background Music) for the entire resort. The project was submitted by C2 Artechnolozy, Merging Technologies and Amadeus, which all worked hard to complete the outstanding project and win this year’s award

mondo*dr 2020 EMEA & APAC Nightclub Award –

Shortlisted: Commas, One Third – disguise, The Courthouse

Winner: SKY2.0

In the heart of Dubai’s ‘Design District’, known for its glitzy, avant-garde global fashion and design, sits SKY2.0, one of the latest luxury super clubs to appear in the Middle East. SKY2.0, the newest addition to Sky Management’s portfolio of premium hospitality venues. The club was designed to plunge club goers into a completely immersive experience with a re-vamped audio system courtesy of Bose Professional. This complex project won due to its challenging install and incredible sound system from Bose.

mondo*dr 2020 EMEA & APAC Parks & Attractions Award –

Shortlisted: Dialogue Experience Dark, Osaka Castle Park, Puy Du Foy

Winner: Statue of Unity

The Statue of Unity was built in 2018 to commemorate life of the Indian statesman and independence activist, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who was the first Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of independent India, as well as the Chief Adherent of Mahatma Ghadi during the non-violent Indian Independence movement. It is the world’s tallest statue with a height of 182-metres and took a total of five years to complete. HB-Laser created, in cooperation with Pyramid Technologies, the largest permanent 3D video and laser mapping on the statue in India. Modern laser and video systems, as well as exact planning, were the starting point for such an amazing permanent installation in India on the statue and this is what made the project stand out. It is the world’s largest use of high-performance projectors with a projection onto a gigantic statue.

mondo*dr 2020 EMEA & APAC Arena Award –

Shortlisted: Guangzhou Gymnasium, Kivikylän Arena, Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre

Winner: Coca Cola Arena – HARMAN

The Coca-Cola Arena is the first and largest, fully air-conditioned, multipurpose indoor arena in the Middle East. The design is based around the O2 Arena in London, UK, adopting a generic arena bowl layout with the stage at one end, although it is hugely versatile and the set-up of the bowl can be changed depending on the type of event at any given time. Technology within the Coca-Cola Arena, whether it be audio, lighting or visual has been designed and installed with the future in mind, even the roof structure, as the rigging points and the roof weight are rather unique in a venue of this type, this attention to detail made the project stand out and therefore win this year’s Arena category.

mondo*dr 2020 EMEA & APAC Stadium Award –

Shortlisted: Emirates Old Trafford, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Suzhou Olympic Sports Center

Winner: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Specialist acoustic consultant, Vanguardia, developed the stadium’s state-of-the-art PA system in conjunction with SSE Audio, the integrator, which is central to the stadium’s status as a multi-use venue. The system, designed and built by speaker specialists JBL, features a staggering 5,500 bespoke loudspeakers with 4,000 inside the stadium bowl and another 1,500 within the concourse and hospitality areas. The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is the first stadium to install this new system. The principal speakers are fixed in 18 separate curved-line arrays, sometimes referred to as ‘bananas’, to the steel ‘flying columns’ which connect the lower and upper tension rings of the roof. Each array typically contains eight speaker cabinets with the addition of three sub bass units mounted behind the array to provide the low frequency bass associated with generating the sounds of modern-day music. The sub bass speakers are also carefully designed so that sound is focused down towards the audience with minimal sound escaping to the rear of the cabinets and outside to the local community. SCX Special Projects takes the architect’s vision and makes it a reality – delivering innovative, reliable and safe mechanical handling solutions, designed with a simplicity that belies the engineering complexity of such ground-breaking installations. This installation really set the bar for stadium technology and design, winning it this year’s award. 

We want to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the shortlisted projects and winners of this year’s EMEA & APAC Awards!

Don’t forget, entries are still open for the mondo*dr Awards Americas, which will take place again across our social media channels from the 13th – 17th of July. Entries close on 1st June, so make sure to get your projects in ASAP –

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