Modulo Pi Launches eShop for Designers and Technicians

Modulo Pi has launched a brand new eshop. The eshop provides dongle, software licenses, and accessories to support designers and technicians in their daily projects and workflow.

Designing the next generation of media server solutions, Modulo Pi launches an eshop to facilitate the access to its technology, and support designers and technicians in their daily work.

The eshop provides cost-effective options for those willing to discover the Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic software and their advanced capabilities. A mapping kit is also available for technicians interested in training on Modulo Pi’s media servers. The mapping kit includes shapes, a self-assembly castle, a media kit, and in-depth tutorials to learn how to use Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic step by step.

Licenses for Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic Designer will also offer the opportunity for offline programming. Thus, operators will be able to pre-program any project from their PC without having to be connected to a media server. The pre-programming work can be saved for later use, and easily transferred to the media server whenever needed.

In addition, monthly subscription plans are available for Modulo Kinetic Designer 2D+3D. Meant for designers and technicians, the license will provide access to some of Modulo Kinetic’s advanced tools such as project study and simulation, real-time interactive VR, as well as creation of generative and interactive content based on the media server’s 3D particles engine.

Yannick Kohn, Founder & CEO of Modulo Pi, explained: “Through our new eshop, we intend to make our technology available for anyone willing to find out more about our Modulo Player and Modulo Kinetic media servers. Moreover, the platform should significantly improve the experience of all technicians and freelancers working with our systems. The offline programming capability will bring greater flexibility to their day-to-day workflow.”

Modulo Pi offers a discount code MKI-1OFF to get 1 month of Kinetic Designer 2D+3D for free (valid until May 10, 2020 for the purchase of a Modulo Pi dongle + a Modulo Player Lite and/or Kinetic Designer 2D license + a Kinetic Designer 2D+3D license).