MILOS Provide Foundation for Ninja Warrior-esque Assault Course

MILOS has recently supplied support structures for one of the biggest assault courses in the United States. Located in the Slingshot Play facility in Peachtree Corners (a metro area of Atlanta, Georgia), the 12,000 m2 course features Milos QTL/QTV truss and was designed by American Ninja Warrior contestant, Jason Huewe. American Ninja Warrior is a wildly popular American television show that has about 40 difficult obstacles that contestants must overcome. The show’s layout was actually the inspiration for the Atlanta course.

When asked why Slingshot chose MILOS to support 24 obstacles in the course, Jason replied with the following: “Some of the main deciding factors that made us go with them instead of some of the other brands out there was the strength of their product, the quickness that it could actually be assembled together by a limited number of people, and the price point of their product was very affordable compared to their competitors.”

The monstrous course at Slingshot has many levels with various challenges and ability requirements. Areas of the course include a peg board, slack bridge, gecko wall, disk slide, ropes and ramps. Inflatable pits below the challenges soften any falls by ninja hopefuls. While speaking about the MILOS structure, and how it has filled its role since the course opened, Jason stated the entire assembly has held up very well – as expected.

In operation since the fall of 2015, the Slingshot facility covers more than 130,000 m2. In addition to the Ninja Warrior course, visitors can also find an interactive 14 alley bowling lane, high speed electric go-karting race track, tri-level mega play area for kids, 2 floor restaurant, video arcade, meeting rooms and party rooms.

With MILOS truss, Slingshot was able to strike a winning combination that ensures the maximum safety of their guests and the long-term feasibility of their investment.

Jason later concluded with the following: “MILOS has met the majority of our needs. Overall, we’ve been able to get and work with all the products needed to get this park to come together. I would recommend MILOS for similar installations”.