Mega Love in SA for the MegaPointe

The MagaPointe has had a mega acceptance throughout its entire launch period and is already being specified on major tours and events worldwide, said Harry Von Den Stemmen, Robe’s International Sales Director. South Africa was no different, and after a successful launch in Johannesburg and Cape Town, Robe distributor DWR Distribution knew the Durban clients had to see the product too.

Harry and Ondrej Hegar, Robe Product Manager, visited the country in November to showcase Robe’s latest offering and to meet up with the industry. “The demand is such that we can’t satisfy the markets fast enough, but we’re trying hard and we are expanding and speeding up production,” said Harry. “Industry professionals are raving about the feature packed, ultra-compact yet extremely powerful light and the quality of the product. I see the same evolution coming for the South African market, and there have been enthusiastic reactions and comments to its recent launch, like everywhere else. The first batches have been ordered and will soon be on the way. We can expect a “hot phase” from January 2018!”

Ondrej agreed. “The fixtures have been really well received across the globe and we have had positive feedback on the unit,” he said. “Already specified on a huge amount of shows and tours in the upcoming year, the MegaPointe will definitely be an industry standard. On our trip to South Africa, we had a great deal of positive feedback from various customers and there was not a single person who didn’t’ like it! People were amazed by the prisms, zoom range of course by the brightness. Altogether it is a great package. My favourite feature is its unique effect engine of six prisms, which delivers never before seen effects for beams. The double zoom range in comparison to the Pointe is also a real step forward.”

Christopher Bolton from Keystone Productions has worked in the lighting industry in South Africa for the past 23 years and attended the DWR Durban launch. “Most of the time when a new fixture comes out it looks cool with the promise of new features,” said Chris. “Often, though, the fixture is unable to execute these features perfectly. Enter the Robe MegaPointe. Wow! Superb! How you fitted all that in such a small 22kg fixtures baffles my mind. Congratulations. Thank you to Nicholas Barnes and Michael Taylor-Broderick from DWR for hosting us.”

The accolades kept coming and it was wonderful to see the positive response! “Pointe Mega, super in your face stuff,” said Brandon Bunyan of Black Coffee. While Brett Kingsland of Kingston Sound concurred, “In my opinion the new MegaPointe is great, it has some features are new and really superb, and the brightness is beyond belief. Well done to Robe for a light that is well priced versus features.”

The South African MegaPointe launch was hosted at one of the busiest times in the industry. “Thank you to Harry and Ondrej for coming out all this way to support us, and to Robe for coming up with this innovate and exciting product,” said Duncan Riley of DWR. “To our clients, in the midst of crazy season you made every effort to join us, and while there were a few missing faces, we appreciate the fantastic feedback.”