Martin Professional and ChamSys Add Support for the CRMX Nova

LumenRadio have announced that Martin Professional and ChamSys Ltd. have chosen to add support in their respective control software for the CRMX Nova USB TX Dongle to give users easy access to reliable wireless DMX control directly from the console.

“We have added support in M-PC for the USB dongle transmitter from LumenRadio. We think it is a great way for our users to get access to reliable wireless technology without the need for using cables to connect a transmitter to the controller. M-PC will offer one full universe of DMX for free using the LumenRadio transmitter.” says Matthias Hinrichs, Product Manager at Martin Professional. “We are also planning to add support for the Nova USB TX driverto our range of M-Series consoles in the near future.”

Console manufacturer ChamSys have also decided to add support for the CRMX Nova USB TX dongle throughout their complete MagicQ Product line. Chris Kennedy, Software Director at ChamSys Ltd. explains “We got requests from our customers to add support for the LumenRadio dongle, so we now offer plug and play support in both our MagicQ PC software and in our MagicQ consoles. With our MagicQ software, for PC and Mac, the users can output a full universe wirelessly for free.”

With the launch of the CRMX Nova TX USB, LumenRadio has made it easier than ever for controller manufacturers to be part of the ongoing wireless revolution in the entertainment industry. Almost all consoles today come with a USB port, meaning no expensive hardware changes are necessary to leverage the thousands of products with built-in LumenRadio receivers already available on the market. Michael Karlsson, R&D Manager at LumenRadio, explains: “We have always wanted to make our technology available to everyone. By using a standard USB connector and open protocols, wireless DMX directly in your PC or console is just a software update away”.

“We are very happy that Martin Professional and ChamSys are the first to officially support for our USB TX in their consoles and PC software. Being able to plug your transmitter directly into your computer opens up a whole new set of applications.” says Marcus Bengtsson, International Sales Manager at LumenRadio.