Martin Audio CDD Provides Sprung.Raum with Bounce and Versatility

The new Sprung.Raum trampoline and amusement park in the German city of Kiel features Martin Audio’s popular CDD speaker series as its featured sound system.
The 4,000 sq metre park is the largest trampoline venue in Northern Germany—but in addition to its primary function as a sports venue, it also hosts kids and youth discos and other events. It was therefore essential that the sound system could create a homogeneous background ambience while at the same time having the characteristics of a club PA for special events.

The lighting and sound system was designed and equipped by Hamburg-based PM White, who met this challenge with the installation of 21 CDD10W white loudspeakers and two CSX118 subwoofers. The trampoline area is equipped with 19 of the CCD10W, run in pairs off a single amplifier channel, while the remaining two CDD10W were installed in the instruction area.

“We already had a positive experience of Martin Audio’s CDD speakers installed in the foyer of the Equila Showpalace in Munich,” explained Ingo Jakobs, PM White’s project manager. “Thanks to the coaxial differential dispersion technology of the speakers, we can create a very round, unobtrusive and homogeneous sound in large rooms. With the two subwoofers added, we also have sufficient energy in the low-frequency range to provide a potent disco sound.”