Martin Audio Blackline X and ADORN combo characterise new generation Popworld

With over 40 Popworld late-night bar/discos in their estate, major leisure operators, Stonegate Group, recently refreshed the brand by unveiling their next generation interior.

Popworld Bournemouth, like most of the others, has benefitted from a creative and immersive audio-visual integration courtesy of Martin Audio partners, Middlesex Sound & Light (MSL).

Occupying the site of a former Walkabout Inn, which had also been equipped with Martin Audio premium sound, MSL were able to service, recondition and redeploy some of the pre-existing kit across the five-zone interior. Where auxiliary sound has been required, they have met the challenge by specifying Martin Audio’s compact but high output ADORN series in the shape of A55T surface mount and ACS-40TS ceiling speakers.

The operators have made their heaviest investment yet in audio visual, flipping their earlier concept of an illuminated dancefloor, and now running a fluid overhead pixel-driven lightshow to create a party vibe, while cheesy pop music is played out through a combination of the new and redeployed Martin Audio enclosures.

“Martin Audio dominates nearly all of the Popworlds we’ve fitted out,” confirms MSL project manager, Toby Jones. “It is our go-to brand because it delivers good quality, with excellent sonic response; it’s also reliable and represents fantastic value for money.”

From an audio perspective, Jones designed the venue into a five-zone interior, plus a separate one for DJ monitoring, where he has specified a pair of powerful Blackline X10.

Assigned to the first zone is the main dancefloor where they have turned to Martin Audio sister brand, Optimal Audio, for four Cuboid 12s, ceiling-mounted in a quad landscape array. Providing LF extension is a pair of existing Martin Audio WS218X subwoofers, which have now been reassigned to the dancefloor.

Off the dancefloor, and forming a second zone, are front VIP booth areas, and these are serviced by four wall-mounted Blackline X8 which fit unobtrusively into the booths. “These are all time aligned and delayed to the dancefloor — and can handle increased volume where necessary,” he continues.

MSL have been super-creative in a dedicated Selfie area (which is their third zone). A neat Selfie wall with pixel string lights and two-way mirrors is complemented by a pair of wall-mounted Blackline X8.

Coverage in the main bar area is provided by six original Blackline F12 (reassigned from the previous installation)—again, all in landscape mode and flown from the ceiling. These are matched by a pair of pre-existing X118 subwoofers.

Toby Jones had no hesitation in recommending that the client retain some of their original tech. “After all,” he said, “Blackline is a tried and trusted product. It’s been in the venue and worked extremely well for them over the years … so why dispose of it?”

However, in the ambient areas he has turned his attention elsewhere in the Martin Audio portfolio. The ADORN A55Ts line the corridor, while in the basement toilets the music is routed through the newly programmed DSP to the four ADORN ACS-40TS ceiling speakers (two in each toilet).

In conclusion the installer stated: “Stonegate have established a next generation immersive—both aurally and visually. And Blackline X will be a vital part of the ongoing success story.”