Brompton Technology powers largest LED Volume in Southeast Asia from L&E Beyond

L&E Beyond, a division of the Bangkok-based Lighting and Equipment (L&E), has unveiled the largest LED Volume in Southeast Asia (ASEAN).

Elevating the region’s virtual production experience to world-class standards, and by using familiar, high-calibre equipment, it aims to attract both local audiences and international clients. Contributing to its appeal are Brompton’s Tessera LED video processing solutions, which offer unprecedented colour management capabilities and an ultra-realistic visual experience, thus supporting the production of creative content such as music videos, live shows, events, award ceremonies, films and product launches, amongst other projects.

Measuring an impressive 18m wide by 7m high, with a curvature adjustment of up to five degrees, the LED Volume is powered by four 4K Tessera SX40 LED processors in conjunction with eight Tessera XD 10G data distribution units, plus two Tessera S8 LED processors. The LED panels comprise AOTO RM 2.3 for the LED wall and AOTO MH 3.7 for the ceiling and movable panels, totalling 30m2. All LED panels have been meticulously calibrated with Brompton’s advanced Hydra measurement tool to maximise colour saturation, brightness, and balance to deliver the best possible image quality and make the LED panels Brompton HDR-ready.

“The ASEAN region’s largest LED Volume, equipped with top-notch specs and maximum resolution, is finally here,” says Arocha Kittivittayakul, Manager of the Entertainment Lighting Department at Lighting and Equipment. “This will elevate Thai Virtual Production to new heights by providing an internationally standardised system for global-level production, eliminating challenges in shooting with an LED screen.”

Kittivittayakul emphasises that given virtual production’s popularity as a filmmaking format in regions like America, Europe, China, Japan, and South Korea, the demand for high-quality content displayed on LED Volumes is exceedingly high. “L&E Beyond offers content creation services for LED screens, collaborating with Infinite Reality Studio, a highly respected visual effects (VFX) company with a Hollywood reputation. Having established offices in Singapore and Vietnam, they have expanded into Thailand and will utilise our LED Volume,” she added.

The new LED Volume will be part of the earlier announced Virtual Studio in Bangkok, offering end-to-end services in Extended Reality (XR) production. The studio has received positive responses from customers, resulting in continued utilisation of their services which now also includes handling XR projects. “This is particularly beneficial for projects that do not require a large space,” Kittivittayakul explains. “The latest adaptation is tailored to the new era of the Metaverse or Virtual Reality, where users can interact, engage in activities, and make transactions without a physical presence, utilising VR, AR, MR, and XR technologies.”

The studio has already been used for the creation of high-level Thai productions and several Netflix shows, with the LED Volume introducing new possibilities to the team. “We’re providing the audience with an unparalleled experience by partnering with a leading international TV show and integrating virtual reality innovation to craft an exciting, novel project for the audience,” Kittivittayakul notes. “With Brompton Technology LED processing on board, we’ve observed a significant enhancement in colour and visual quality compared to other market competitors.”

“We are delighted to see L&E Beyond utilising Brompton LED processing to establish world-class virtual production standards in their studio facility,” concludes Elijah Ebo, Director of APAC Operations at Brompton Technology. “This raises the bar for virtual production, not only in Thailand but across Southeast Asia, offering exceptional visual experiences for a wide variety of applications. We’re excited to witness all the productions that will emerge from L&E Virtual Studio in 2024!”