Mamitas Team up with Loto Audio and Funktion-One

Loto Audio has completed the first stage of a project at Mamitas Beach Club in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Ro. Mexico. The owners called on the Funktion-One distributor after they visited several beach venues in Ibiza.

Loto Audio’s Ramon Salazar explained: “We started to try and make contact with the owner over a year ago because this is the best and most famous beach club in Mexico. When we found him, it turned out that he was also looking for us – the Funktion-One distributor for Mexico. He went to some beach resorts in Ibiza where he experienced that Funktion-One sound and he was amazed. In that moment, the venue and the owner committed to new, extensive project of remodeling and growing Mamitas.”

Taking into account the environmental challenges, Loto Audio specified a system comprising four Funktion-One Resolution 4 speakers and two F221 double-21in bass enclosures for the main beachfront area of Mamitas, and pairs of F1201 speakers at the poolside and for DJ monitors. Amplification comes from Funktion-One/MC2 E25, E30 and E100 amplifiers, with control from a Funktion-One/XTA X04 loudspeaker management system. All of the sound equipment has been treated to withstand the humidity and salt-air.

The installation was handled by local installer, Plug In Audiovisual, and all cabling was supplied and managed by Sound Logic Cable.

Ramon continued: “Mamitas Beach Club is considered the best beach club in Mexico and the Caribbean. It hosts various high-profile events, including the BPM Festival, Beach Soccer Worldwide Riviera Maya Cup, Riviera Maya Jazz Festival, Heineken Winter beach, DJ Fest, Corona SunSets Music Festival, Corona Elements, to name a few.

“They used to have another PA from a well-known manufacturer. Compared to the new Funktion-One system, the difference was really big – everyone was amazed. You can see regular people on the normal days at the beach dancing to the music that is coming from Mamitas.”

With the first stage of the Mamitas Beach Club project complete, attention now turns to the addition of another pool area, a steak restaurant, lounge area and a champagne room. The full venue, which will have Funktion-One sound throughout, is scheduled to be open later this year.