LTM Recruit Engineering Apprentices

Lift Turn Move are showing commitment to training future engineers, with with the announcement from John Jones, Director of LTM, that they are training three apprentices this year; Joshua Baines, Brandon Gillam and Liam Shone.

Joshua joins Brandon in the work shop as the second apprentice currently being trained in the LTM workshop. Brandon and Joshua are studying for an apprenticeship in Mechanical Manufacturing which involves one and a half days of tuition at a local college to learn essential theory and three and a half days a week working in the hoist assembly area to develop their practical skills. They will both spend time in the warehouse receiving product training, dispatching goods and observing the other engineers at work.

Liam is joining our sales office as a Sales Office trainee. He will be studying for an apprenticeship in Business & Administration which will involve one and a half days at a local college to learn and three and a half days a week working in the sales office developing his office skills. Liam will spend time in the office supporting the sales team with quotes, assisting customers on the telephone and organising deliveries.

Skills shortages and recruiting difficulties are considered to be some of the biggest threats facing businesses today, and The Young Apprenticeship Scheme addresses these issues directly. Commenting on it, John said: “It’s becoming increasingly difficult to recruit skilled lifting equipment engineers, so we feel that the best way forward for us is to bring new apprentices through the business.”

As well as addressing a skills shortage, the National Apprentice Scheme states on their website that: “Apprentices tend to be eager, motivated, flexible and loyal to the company that invested in them.” These statements come as no surprise to LTM, two of their apprentices are still at the company, and both have subsequently moved into supervisory positions and even been asked to travel abroad to use their skills. John continued: “We plan to recruit at least one apprentice per year over the next five years and see how things develop. As a responsible employer, we feel it is important not just to recruit talent, but to nurture it. Ultimately it’s all about the people, if we get people in with the right attitude like the guys we’ve had through on this scheme, then we’re all set. You can teach the right skills, but you can’t teach the right attitude.”