LITEC injects Naples with the MyT Folding Steroid

Gigi D’Alessio is a singer-songwriter who is well known throughout Italy for his smooth voice and pop sensibilities. To wrap up his latest tour on a strong note, a massive 30 x 15 metre LITEC MyT Folding Steroid roof system was used for his closing date at San Paolo Stadium in Naples, Italy in June.

The MyT Folding Steroid truss used for this remarkable roof system is made from high performance AW 7003 T6 aluminium alloy. Due to the extreme rigidity of its construction, even on long spans and under maximum loads, almost no deflections are experienced and it handles higher loading capacities than the standard MyT truss range.

A unique feature of MyT Folding Steroid truss is that a single person can fold and store it in less than one minute. This optimizes transport and storage costs, making it the best investment for large roofs in the industry in terms of cost/performance/handling.

The entry level LITEC MyT Folding Steroid Roof System for this event was certified for a 27,000 kg maximum payload capacity and operational wind speeds up to 25m/s.

Massimo Stage, an Italian company that specialises in big events, bought and debuted the MyT Folding Steroid roof system in Naples.