Lippo Mall Enhances Outdoor Entertainment Experience with Harman Professional Solutions

Lippo Mall Kemang, located in Jakarta, is a new playground for style, taste and fun. Recently opened to cater to the working crowd and residences within the vicinity, the mall sets itself apart from its competitors with a live performance space called the ‘Avenue of Stars’ arena. The arena features entertainment seven days a week, offering different genres of music each night. The entertainment is also complemented by al fresco cafes and restaurants, located within the arena to offer dining options for shoppers.

It was important that the sound system installed within the arena met certain criteria, such as, good sound coverage with no spill-over into other areas, powerful yet quality audio that brought out the vocals of the entertainers in a positive way and the ability to sound great no matter what type of music genre is being played. Working together with the Lippo Mall designers and technical team, HARMAN’s Indonesia partner, CSA Indonesia was able to understand the requirements and then design and provide the sound system centred on HARMAN solutions, that best met all their criteria.

The live entertainment system features JBL’s Vertec speakers that ensure frequency response is enhanced for a variety of audio needs. The main sound reinforcement system is comprised of JBL VT4887A compact 3-way line array elements, complemented by JBL’s VT4881A single 18-inch subwoofers. This combination delivers high-quality, full-range sound appropriate for both musical and speech applications. Complementing the main PA set-up is the JBL SRX828 SP 18-inch Dual Self-Powered Subwoofer system that offers full user configurable DSP, and with the incorporation of the V5 JBL Tunings, provides compatibility with the Vertec system.

JBL’s Vertec system offers highly advanced performance in a reduced system size with easy set-up. JBL PRX712 and JBL PRX715 speakers were also added for their versatility. They can be used as front of house main PA if needed but for this configuration are used as floor monitors for the performers. The speakers are driven by Crown MA5000i power amplifiers that feature patented, cutting-edge Class-I circuitry that gets more power out of an amplifier with higher efficiency. Working in tandem with the sound reinforcement system is the AKG WMS470 wireless microphone system, which ensures intelligible and pristine vocals. The microphones can operate up to 14 hours with just one AA-size lithium battery due to revolutionary power management.

Providing all the processing, flexibility and control of the systems is the DriveRack dbx4800. The PA system has helped the mall gain compliments from musicians and shoppers who have experienced the live performances in the arena. “We have had a great experience with the HARMAN set-up. Our artists and performers are very happy and comfortable with the system and the whole musical experience it provides to the audience,” said Deni, the mall’s Operational Manager. “We are privileged to provide a total system that not only meets the needs of the Lippo Mall, but also enhances the experience of the customers as well. The installation is an example of how our different solutions all work harmoniously together and offer a dependable, robust and most importantly, high-quality system.

We are thrilled that HARMAN was able to meet the mall’s high expectations, as well as keep in line with the requirements of the performers, and thereby enhance customer experiences in the Avenue of Stars at Lippo Mall,” said Ramesh Jayaraman, VP & GM, HARMAN Professional Solutions, APAC.