HARMAN Professional Solutions Brings Modern Sound and Lighting to a Historic Setting at TempleLive

TempleLive, a unique performance venue with a prohibition-era aesthetic, recently installed a complete HARMAN audio and lighting solution comprised of JBL VTX V20 loudspeakers, Crown amps, Soundcraft consoles, AKG microphones and full array of Martin lighting fixtures. Originally constructed in 1928 as a Masonic Temple, the building was recently redeveloped as a modern performance and event center by Temple Holdings, LLC, a wholly owned affiliate of Beaty Capital Group Inc.

The end-to-end HARMAN system provides TempleLive with tour-grade production capabilities for a wide range of events, including concerts, plays, weddings, awards ceremonies, corporate meetings and more. “The decision to go with the VTX line from HARMAN has substantially contributed to an enthusiastic reception from the live performance community regarding the performance space itself,” said Mike Brown, VP of Acquisition and Development, Beaty Capital Group, Inc. “TempleLive will host acts across all genres, including comedy, country, rock, symphonic, plays, sports and e-sporting events.

The booking agencies have been excited about the location and very receptive to the venue overall.” “We are honored to have been selected as the exclusive pro audio and lighting provider for TempleLive’s Arkansas venue,” said Eric Elwell, VP of Business Development, HARMAN Professional Solutions. “We are also excited about the possibility of outfitting other TempleLive venues, including the Masonic in Cleveland with cutting-edge HARMAN audio and lighting solutions.” TempleLive is a 1,200-capacity auditorium that features the artwork and architecture of the original space, including a three-tiered seating scheme.

The highest tier contains balcony seating, followed by reserved seating on the main level in a downward slope toward the stage. Finally, the pit area closest to the stage can accommodate extra seating or standing room for general admission. With the new HARMAN audio system, TempleLive can deliver high quality sound and full audio coverage across the entire seating area for any concert or event. “When choosing a system to meet the engineering specifications of the venue, HARMAN met or exceeded all of my requirements,” said Lance Dierker, audio engineer and acoustic consultant. “The VTX V20 rig delivers complete audio coverage over our entire seating area ensuring that every guest receives the same superior listening experience.

Integrating BSS processing into Crown’s long tradition of quality amplification made I-Tech and VRack systems an easy choice to drive the VTX PA rig. The Soundcraft Vi Console provides great versatility for traveling acts whether they carry their own front of house rig or not. When they do have their own FOH, we use the Vi console as a versatile monitor desk to drive our JBL bi-amped wedges and three-way side fills. AKG microphones deliver top-of-the-line quality, and Martin Lighting has been making lighting designers very happy for years.”