Lío, Making Soundwaves in Ibiza

Lío is the latest chapter in the Pacha success story. It’s a top end restaurant, cabaret theatre, and world class club rolled into one. To deliver excellent sound fidelity and high sound pressure levels, with custom AmpPresets for different zones and program material throughout the evening, Lío has deployed a complete d&b audiotechnik solution.

Expectant guests arrive for a gourmet dinner and a live cabaret that rivals the best West End shows. Then, the restaurant turns into an exclusive port-side club where top DJs play until the small hours. Welcome to Lío Ibiza.

Part of the Pacha family, Lío attracts a discerning clientele. With its tempting food, service and entertainment, the venue, situated in the heart of Ibiza town, is booked solid throughout the summer months.

Because Lío encompasses a restaurant, cabaret theatre and club, it needed a flexible, high fidelity loudspeaker system that could be configured quickly and easily throughout the evening. With the existing sound system struggling to meet usability and performance demands, the venue looked for something new.

Toni Prats, Head of Sound at Pacha Ibiza, said: “Our previous loudspeaker system was constantly maxed out in terms of output, making it increasingly unreliable. We also had to set the system manually for the dinner show and post-dinner party. It was also difficult to adjust the sound pressure levels in different areas of the building based on the flow of people around the club, which is really critical for us.”

In 2014, Pacha made the strategic decision to standardise sound in its venues with technology from d&b audiotechnik. “After testing several loudspeaker systems, we shortlisted d&b and one other manufacturer,” said Toni. “d&b came out on top, offering amazing sound quality, global presence, and far better pre- and post-sales support than anyone else.”

When it was time to design a d&b system for Lío, d&b Education and Application Support teams were involved from the very beginning. “We divided the inside of the club and the terrace into seven zones, each with its own unique sound challenges,” said Toni. “With support from d&b engineers, we were able to create a loudspeaker system that optimizes sound, both inside and outside on the terrace.”

Most of the design work for the complex installation was done using the d&b ArrayCalc simulation software. “Being able to design the solution on a laptop saved us a lot of time,” said Tony. “When we installed the system, there were no surprises: it sounded fantastic.”

The Lío sound team was especially impressed by the sound pressure levels delivered by the d&b loudspeakers, which are remarkably compact and visually unobtrusive. “We couldn’t believe how small the d&b loudspeakers are – at first we thought they wouldn’t be loud enough,” said Toni. “When we turned the system on, we were amazed. Not only was the sound super clear and crisp, but it was super loud as well. We’ve never needed to use it at full volume.”

The system can be accessed and adjusted using the d&b R1 Remote control software, enabling the Lío team to fine tune sound in every zone – at all times. “We created a ‘dinner mode’ AmpPreset where all sound comes from the stage on the terrace,” said Toni. “After the show, we change to the club mode AmpPreset, which brings all the sound inside and increases the levels significantly as DJ sessions get underway.”

The remote control capabilities also help the team adjust sound as more people come into the club and move between zones. “We can easily increase the volume when particular zones get busier and vice versa,” said Tony. “This ensures that guests always enjoy dinnertime and post-dinner entertainment to the full.”

For venues like Lío, visual appeal is extremely important, as is durability and reliability. “We ordered installation versions of the d&b loudspeakers: white for outside areas, and black inside, which looks very cool. We also went for a Weather Resistant finish that will protect the equipment in the humid, salty, port-side environment we have here. The d&b equipment has been 100% reliable, and we expect that to continue for years to come,” She continued.