LEA Professional Makes Strides in EMEA with New Rep Partner

LEA Professional, manufacturer of innovative, high-quality, pro-audio amplifiers with cloud- and IoT-based technologies, have announced a partnership with Blue5 Technology to serve their growing presence in the EMEA region.

Blue5 Technology has been recently founded by David Budge, who has over 20 years’ experience in the Pro Audio industry with previous roles at HARMAN and Bose working in the European, Middle East and African markets.

“AV customers across all verticals are seeking specialized solutions and are moving away from institutionalized corporations towards entrepreneurial, dynamic partners with market-proven depth. LEA Professional is a global player in AV but retains the entrepreneurial culture and customer focus. It is exactly the right partnership AV customers need in these times of change,” said David Budge, Founder and Managing Director at Blue5 Technology.

“LEA Professional has the ability to be agile and they’re not held back by the restrictions that come with a large organization. Instead they can work closely with customers and ensure they are giving them exactly what they need.”

Blue5 Technology will represent the full suite of LEA Professional products, including the newly-launched Cloud Platform. The LEA Cloud Platform allows for remote control and monitoring as well as providing a unique opportunity for recurring revenue streams for integrators to add to their service contracts. For Blue5 Technology the cloud platform was one of the main draws towards LEA Professional.

“LEA Professional is embracing new technologies; which we are not seeing from others in the industry. Progressive integrators are looking for cloud-based solutions that can provide them with recurring revenue options,” commented David.

“Being able to diagnose a problem remotely—whether in a pandemic or not—is an important time and cost-saving tool for installers.”

LEA Professional has been growing their customer base in the EMEA region having recently completed installations in Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and many other countries across the region.

“We are very pleased that Dave Budge has formed Blue5 Technology and we’re similarly pleased to partner with him to serve our customers in EMEA,” said Scott Robbins, VP of Global Sales for LEA Professional.

“We have been growing significantly over the last several months as demand of our Cloud-enabled Connect Series products reach new heights and as many more integrators become comfortable with our technology and brand. We look forward to working with Dave and his team as we expand further in the EMEA markets.”

David is no stranger to the LEA Professional team and their stellar work ethic. “I have seen how this team operates, they have a wealth of experience and have a strong leader in Blake Augsburger. The success LEA Professional has achieved in less than two years is astronomical and I look forward to continuing on the growth journey with them,” added David.