LEA Professional Expands US Sales Presence with New Partnership

With a key focus on keeping up with US demand for LEA Professional solutions, the company has partnered with Lienau AV to serve the company’s growing market in the US Mid-Atlantic Region.

Lienau AV was established in 1948 by founder Charlie Lienau to help electronics manufacturers develop their brands and connect them with the right distribution partners. From their earliest days selling tube radios, it’s been about listening to both the manufacturers’ and customers’ needs and wants, and making the right connections. This is a tradition they still honor today, by listening to integrators and consultants and bringing them the latest in AV technologies and solutions.

“We look for manufacturing partners that have a strong sense of brand identity and unique technologies that provide real value,” commented Chris Hutnick, Partner, Lienau AV Associates. “We also like partners with a clear long-term vision. As you might expect from a company that’s been around for three generations, we like to grow things deliberately from the ground up. Establishing strong roots early to provide a stable foundation for maximum growth over time is what we’re all about.”

LEA Professional has harnessed the evolution of IoT and AV. By combining the two, LEA has established a robust cloud platform to serve clients and integrators in new remote ways — a solution that is very applicable in today’s world. The cloud platform provides a way for integrators to remotely monitor LEA’s powerful CONNECT SERIES amplifiers efficiently and effectively, and also provides a path for establishing a recurring revenue model by adding remote service to their contracts.

For Hutnick, customers have already been expressing interest in the company’s pioneering technologies.

“Our clients are always looking for innovative ways to improve efficiency, and LEA’s technologies allow them to do just that. To be able to quickly and easily diagnose system health without rolling a truck saves everyone time and money in the long run.”

While 2020 was a challenging year for the industry as a whole, LEA Professional continued their growth trajectory without missing a beat.

“Our solutions are a perfect fit for a world where remote work is the norm,” said Joey Palkowitch, North America Sales Manager, LEA Professional. “We have seen a surge in demand for LEA Professional solutions over the past year, with many integrators utilizing not only the remote functionality but realizing the potential of a recurring revenue model. We look forward to continuing on this growth path with Lienau AV.”