Laserworld Group Becomes ILDA Member

The Laserworld Group joined the International Laser Display Association (ILDA) on 31 August 2015, as whole group of companies. In agreement with the ILDA’s Board of Directors, all Laserworld companies may announce being an official ILDA member with effect of the new group membership.

Thus multi-awarded formerly individually listed ILDA member HB-Laserkomponenten (HB-Laser) becomes listed as Laserworld Company, but also big industry names Ray Technologies and SwissLas join in. Besides that, the global company network of the Laserworld Group announces the ILDA membership for the own Laserworld companies Laserworld USA, Laserworld UK, Laserworld Asia, Laserworld Korea, Laserworld India, Laserworld Iberica – and of course the parental company Laserworld Switzerland AG.

“The Show Laser Light industry has developed a lot over the past years, and Laserworld is glad to having been a part of this development. We want to participate in further developments and put our knowledge and experience into this, to create mutual benefits for the ILDA and us,” said Martin Werner, CEO of Laserworld.