L-Acoustics and DiGiCo Immerse Sound Engineers in Hyperrealistic Sound Control

L-Acoustics and DiGiCo jointly announce that L-Acoustics’ L-ISA Source Control functionality is now natively integrated into DiGiCo’s SD range of mixing consoles, adding L-ISA’s object-based mixing technology to the console’s control surface.

L-ISA, which stands for Immersive Sound Art is a breakthrough in immersive audio technology, combining L-Acoustics’ industry-leading sound design and world-class loudspeaker systems with sophisticated processing tools to create a hyperrealistic experience for audiences at live shows, creative events and private residences.

For L-ISA Live applications, the seamless integration of L-ISA Source Control into the DiGiCo SD-Series means that sound engineers will be able to use a familiar workflow on an industry-leading console to manage immersive environments easily and intuitively. With the L-ISA / DiGiCo integration, up to 96 Input Channels can be designated “L-ISA channels”, each one allowing the engineer to control pan, width, distance and elevation, as well as a designated aux send for any given L-ISA source object directly from the mixing console. All L-ISA parameters can be stored in the powerful snapshots engine and recalled in the same way as other console parameters.

Source parameters are shared with the L-ISA Controller over the network and instantaneously converted to the defined speaker layout in the L-ISA Processor. Thanks to the flexibility of L-ISA’s object-based approach, the layout can easily be adapted to location changes whilst maintaining the spatial properties of the mix. The L-ISA Source Control functionality expands the range of creative choices the mixing engineer can employ simultaneously, ranging from classic stereo or 5.1 controls, for uses such as downmixes or auxes, to the advanced object-based multichannel environment offered by L-ISA.

“As well as offering a streamlined user experience, integrating the L-ISA Source Control into DiGiCo’s SD consoles provides productions with a sophisticated yet intuitive solution to the growing demand for immersive sound designs,” said Sherif el Barbari, Head of Application at L-ISA. “Working with the outstanding team at DiGiCo has helped us move closer to our shared vision of bringing an immersive and hyperreal sound to live professional and private events.”

“DiGiCo is always keen to innovate, and it was fun and interesting to see what the possibilities were,” affirmed James Gordon, Managing Director at DiGiCo. “It’s been a pleasure to work with L-Acoustics to integrate L-ISA with the SD-Range. We share a lot of customers around the world and adding this new level of integration and control into this new world of possibilities thanks to L-ISA further strengthens our commitment to them and to the immersive future of sound.”